Special Field of Valor Weekend Event!
EVENTS 2020.02.07

Greetings Adventurers!


We’ve prepared a special Field of Valor weekend event!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain great amount of EXP and rewards!


Event 1. Hot-time Event


■ Event Period

2/8, 00:00 - 2/9 23:59 (All servers)


■ Event Details
- EXP gain amount +100%

- Item gain rate +100%


Event 2. Special Push Notification Rewards


■ Push Notification Schedule and reward

2/8, 12:00 (All servers) : Token of Valor x3

2/9, 12:00 (All servers) : Token of Valor x3


※ Note

- Event will only be in effect for Normal Field, Nightmare and Field of Valor.

- The event time may change or end prematurely. Please keep a close eye on our announcements.