📣 Looking Back at 2022 Calpheon Ball! 📣

Greetings, Adventurers!


The most awaited Calpheon Ball on Dec 10, 2022, 19:00 (GMT+9) has finally concluded!

Our sincere gratitude to all Adventurers who participated and showed their interest to Calpheon Ball.


For Adventurers whom we were unable to spend precious time with during the event,

We have taken photos at the event to share with everyone.

The Future in Black Desert Mobile

We would like to announce the incoming new Family content update, Dawnrise Vanguards, the new class「Maegu」 released on December 13 (Tue), and「Shahzad」 which is going to be updated on December 27 (Tue) scheduled maintenance.


Maegu is a class that uses Horyeongbu as her main weapon and moves swiftly with fluid attacks that resemble the way a Gumiho would charm another human.
We hope that you enjoy your adventures with the newest class, Maegu – a sorceress from Jwado School that utilizes the power of a beautiful fox.

Great Desert: Shahzad

A new difficulty, Shahzad will be added and the current Great Desert levels will be expanded.
You can fight with other Adventurers in the new expanded region and start a battle with them.
You can also enjoy a new adventure where you can obtain rare items by meeting a wandering merchant in Shahzad or by finding a treasure chest buried in the sand.
A system where you can also enhance your Black Spirit runes by using Luminiscent Crystals.

Dream Horse: Diné

The second Doom Horse to be updated, Dream Horse: Diné will also be updated alongside Shahzad, which will shine out in the desert field.
Diné is a beautiful white horse with a golden mane that runs as fast as the wind across the desert. Quantum Jump can also be when you move to a Black Rock Shrine in the desert.


Apocros, a new field Boss will also be added.

It goes by the nickname, “fallen wanderer” and it will shoot out solar rays in the sky as it ascends attacking adventurers.

Upon defeating, you will collect a loot called ‘Power Cores’ that you can exchange with NPC where you can receive various items. You may also obtain Primal Shoes Memory.

Dawnrise Vanguards

Dawnrise Vanguards is a new family content similar with Path of Glory but will require more strategic element.

It is a turn-based strategy game where you will have to carefully plan a strategy to win. Also, you can utilize different buffs located around the map while defeating enemies.

You can obtain rewards based on the points you earn when all turns are completed.

Level 9 Camp

With the new Level 9 Camp, the current existing camp will be improved so that it can overlap with other features in the game.

We are currently working on a content such as the main menu would be unlocked by installing a certain building so that the Camp is going to grow alongside CP progression.

To add to that, you can also spend unneccessary items or resources through Sirare’s Prophecy Board.

New Mystical-grade workers are also included in the upcoming update where you can obtain better rewards. A content is also currently being prepared where you can utilize your Workers more.

* The updates mentioned above are still currently developed and may be subject to change.

Content such as ‘Twisted Nightmare’, ‘Fairy’, etc are constantly being improved. We hope for your understanding and support!

Introducing the Scenery of [2022 Calpheon Ball] 📷

△ Quarantine protocols have been followed without any problems as we guided Adventurers to their respective seats!

△ Rehearsal being held before meeting our Adventurers.

△ Preparations for welcoming all visiting Adventurers to the event venue has been finished! Welcome to Home One!

△ Message of support written by our dear-beloved Adventurers! This is what makes us keep going!

△ Am I going to be an Archer? The incredible talent of our Adventurers keeps us always surprised!

△ A fan art that has been drawn by an Adventurer! Seems like we have so many skillful and creative ones!

△ A live concert in Black Desert Mobile’s studio! Don’t they rock the stage!?

△ The live stream for <2022 Calpheon Ball> for all Adventurers around the world has begun as Heo-jun, the host, greets everyone.

△ Black Desert Mobile’s Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim and Lead Producer of Game Design, Ju-hyung Kim talks about the future updates of the game.

△ The first-ever twin classes of Black Desert Mobile, Maegu including Great Desert: Shahzad is being presented! We’ve also notified everyone through pre-regstration ahead of time, right?

△ A Keyword talk session where the voices of our Adventurers who love and support Black Desert mobile have been heard and answered.

△ ‘What Would You Choose?’ game has been held where Adventurers can select their answer by voting in YouTube. We’ve heard, adventurers receive reward based on the higher amount of selected answers!!! Which one have you selected?

△ We have also presented the record of our exceptional Adventurers! Which one caught your eye the most?

△ The last special gift from the Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim in <2022 Calpheon Ball> has been presented.

△ Mufflers to make Adventurers warm in the cold winter as they go home have also been prepared.

△ It was a wonderful and unforgettable event to spend time with our Adventurers at Pearl Abyss Home One. This would have not been possible without all your support!


✨Listed down are the various rewards from <2022 Calpheon Ball>. 🎫🎁


Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim's Gift 🎁  
*The code can be used until *2023/01/30(mon) 23:59 
Calpheon Ball Primal Rune Gift x1 

 Restoration Scroll 


Lead Producer of Game Design, Ju-hyung Kim's Gift 1 🎁 

*The code can be used until *2022/01/30(mon) 23:59  

Dawning Moonstone x300

Nightbloom x100 

Daybloom x100

Vase of Dawnlight Dew x5


Lead Producer of Game Design, Ju-hyung Kim's Gift 2 🎁 

*The code can be used until *2022/01/30(mon) 23:59 

Class Change Selection Chest x1 

Tear of the Goddess x100,000
Baked Sweet Potato x1 


Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim's Special Gift 🎁 

*The code can be used until *2022/01/30(mon) 23:59 

Blessings of W x3 

1,000 Black Pearl Chest x3  

A coupon with the same reward will be announced again during Woosa update.  

*This item will be removed on the maintenance on the second week of February (Feb 6 - Feb 12)




It's very unfortunate that we couldn't bring all the adventurers to the scene. 

We will always work hard to make Black Desert Mobile a game where Adventurers can enjoy precious moments. 


Thank you.