3 Year Anniversary! Become the Strategy Master in Black Desert Mobile Event
EVENTS 2022.12.06

3 Year Anniversary! Become the Strategy Master in Black Desert Mobile Event

Greetings, Adventurers! 

This is CM Roccio (Queek!) 


To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Black Desert Mobile, we have prepared a “Become the Strategy Master” event for everyone! (Queek!) 

It’s now your time to teach me about the different tips including gameplay with your own expertise! 


There is also a sub-event being used from our Adventurer’s Guide so make sure to not miss this opportunity! 

📅Event Period:  

- 2022/12/6(Tue) After maintenance ~ 2022/12/20(Tue)23:59 (UTC-8) 


📜Event Details : 

1) Share your expertise about the game including various strategies or other tips through 

2. Please read the event rules below: 

2-1) You must include the title, “Become the Strategy Master” when submitting your artwork. 

Eg. America / Roccio 

2-2) The server and family name must be included in post. 


🎁Event Reward:

Strategy Master (5 Adventurers) 
Black Pearl x 3,000 

Special In-game Title: BDM Connoisseur 

Partipant Reward (All Adventurers who will participate) 
Restoration Scroll x 5,000 



Tip. Try this new function! 

📜 There is a new button added to our Adventurer’s Guide located at the lower right. 

Tap the button mentioned above and write the information you want us to update in our Adventurer’s Guide! 

Would this be more meaningful if we fill it up for the sake of our new or returning Adventurers? 



❗ Please Note 

 - We reserve the copyright to any derivative works, such as screenshots or videos, that you submit to participate in the event. Your submissions may be used for marketing purposes in any region at any time. 

- Participating in the event in an unauthorized manner may result in disqualification, as well as confiscation of any items or restriction in gameplay. 

- The number of winners may change according to the number of event participants. 

- Restriction of your account due to violation of operational policies until the ball date or prize distribution date may result in nullifying any event win and the confiscation of any prizes distributed. 

- Event prizes may be subject to change to other items of equal value without prior notice. 

- The event content and period may be subject to change or cancellation. Changes will be added to the event page, and we will notice you. 

- Refer to [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policies] for matters not addressed in this notice. 


Thank you.