[Class Introduction] Maegu, the Jwado School Mage with the powers of an alluring fox

[Class Introduction]
Maegu, the Jwado School Mage with the powers of an alluring fox

Hello, Adventurers. This is the Black Desert Mobile Service Team.


“The Jwado School Mage who wields a Foxspirit Charm to perform mystical arts and summon fox spirits to destroy her foes”

Among the twins born on a leap year day, when neither the sun nor moon lit the sky, the older twin [Maegu] is here first to display her skills!

Meet Maegu’s dazzling Spirit Arts that can mesmerize enemies in an instant!

New Class: Maegu Developer Commentary

the Jwado School Mage with the
powers of an alluring fox

The Hwadam, anointed by the king, sought an audience before his royal majesty.

"The coming month’s end is

a day unmarked in calendars of both sun and moon.

The fabled day when the Emperor of the Heavens and the King of the Nethers slumber.

A millennial event on a leap year day where neither sun nor moon shall light the sky.

On that day, we shall need to cleanse these lands of all its unpleasantries."

- Bagdahl Year 3973, 25th King of Youngjong, 16th day of the 2nd moon -


A Do wielder of the Woodo School asked unto the Hwadam,

"Twins born on a day shunned by both sun and moon...

Wherever did you find these children, O master of religious rites?"

After a brief moment of silence, the Hwadam responded.

"They are my daughters.

Do not utter another word on this matter."


One spring day with plum blossoms in full bloom,

the Hwadam relayed teachings upon the twins.

"Sit with appropriate care, calm your lips and eyes,

and extend your ears to the rumblings of your heart."

The younger twin, Hyeon, upon enlightenment, found Do (道) to be like pure winter and calm water,

while the elder twin, Eun, remained distracted, unable to proceed any further in her studies.



One summer day with orchids shyly in bloom,

a Do-wielding acquaintance of the Hwadam,

addressed the younger twin.

"You are a vessel, vast enough to hold all!"

and expressed great amazement.

Gazing upon the older twin,

"You have a face that would attract many a spirit."

and expressed great admiration.

"Alike in appearance, yet one is a cracked vessel,

a fox doomed to wander alone in the flowers."

Hearing this, the elder sister stood abruptly, yelling,

"Cracked? I’ll show you ‘cracked’!”

The Hwadam immediately began assuaging her upset guest.


One fall day with chrysanthemums strewn from heavy showers,

a Do wielder urgently sought an audience with the Hwadam.

"The elder sister has left the Woodo School grounds."

The Hwadam blows away a tiger butterfly perched upon the Do wielder’s shoulder.

"Tell me what happened!”

The Do wielder shook their head.

"The twins quarreled furiously.

Hyeon was injured

and is being tended to by a physician."


As the older was leaving, Hyeon relayed the following words to her parting sister,

"The way of Do (道) lies on but a single path."

Yet this message retold didn’t register to the Hwadam’s ear.


One winter day with snow piled upon the bamboo forests,

the Yuldo sage, Gildong, was worrying over the older twin, Eun.

"Once the moon rises tonight,

you will never be able to return to your former self.

Are you sure you wish to do this?"

Eun, gently caressing the fox spirit,

drew a butterfly in the snow-covered field with her flower-leaf charm.


"If I was concerned with the price I shall pay in the afterlife,

I would’ve never set foot in the Jwado School to begin with.

For this is the way of Do (道) set before me (it is I, Maegu)."

Maegu’s Combat Style

Maegu, linked to otherworldly entities, wields her magic with elegant movements to allure her foes and turn the battlefield bloody in a matter of seconds.

She wields her Foxspirit Charm for powerful blows against her foes at range with wide-area attacks. Her Binyeo Knife can land critical strikes at melee range.

Also, she calls forth otherworldly fox spirits during her attacks to break down enemy lines, making it impossible to escape.

Maegu Main Skills

First up is the skill [Charm: Sunflash].

Using her Foxspirit Charm, she utilizes the Wayfold technique to instantly approach her target and attach her charm.

If you press the Charm: Sunflash skill button again right after the attack, you can teleport back to where she first used this skill.

An explosion will occur that deals AoE damage to enemies tagged by Charm: Sunflash after a set amount of time, making this an efficient skill against packs of monsters.




Next, is her skill [Charm: Skypounce].

Maegu will throw her Foxspirit Charm in the air, then instantly dash towards it and strike. 

Tap the Charm: Skypounce skill button again to teleport strike a foe within range up to 2 times.

You can instead opt to hold a direction instead of pressing the skill button, which will allow you to move in that direction while attacking enemies. This provides great mobility for either dodging or chasing an opponent.





Next is her skill [Spirit: Petal Storm].

With this skill, Maegu manifests her spiritual energy to attack, then creates Lingering Winds on the target location to deal damage over time.

If you activate Flow: Wayfold, the last hit will transform into a massive close-range AoE attack, and you will be able to teleport in any direction before the last hit.


You can adjust the flow skill to match the current situation.





Last is her passive skill [Fox Orb].

When Maegu uses a skill, the Fox Orb effect will be applied.

When you hit a target with a skill while the passive is active,

the target is weakened, and you will apply a spell on 1 target that will explode after a set amount of time.

Fox Orb also provides Maegu HP recovery, increased skill damage, and other improvements that can have up to 9 stacks each, making it invaluable for prolonged fights.

On December 13 (Tue), 2022, Maegu, the Jwado School Mage with the powers of an alluring fox, will join the fray in Black Desert Mobile.

We hope our Adventurers look forward to her release!