PLAY BDM! Hammer of Fortune
EVENTS 2022.11.22

PLAY BDM! Hammer of Fortune


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Greetings, Adventurer!

The Black Spirit will join you in this event!

Use Hammers of Fortune to push blocks and obtain rewards!

You can get rewards more quickly by using Black Pearls. Check below for more details.



▏Event Period
After maintenance on Nov 22 (Tue) - Dec 5 (Mon), 23:59

▏Event Details

1) Tap the gift box at the right side of the minimap, and go to the "PLAY BDM Hammer of Fortune" event tab.
2) Receive [Hammer of Fortune] x3 once a day by tapping on "Get Hammer."
3) Spend [Hammer of Fortune] x1 to push a block.
4) Toggle the "Push Block Row" option to "ON" and spend [Black Pearl] x700 to push an entire row.

▶Block Board

- Use a Hammer of Fortune (or [Black Pearl] x100) to push blocks.
- The last blocks of each row hold the best rewards.
- The block board can be refreshed up to three times a day by tapping on the refresh icon.
- Tap on "Push Block" and the Black Spirit will randomly choose one of the four rows and push a block to the right.
- Refreshing the block board will randomly shuffle the blocks and rewards.

▏Event Tab Open Requirement

- Defeat Hexe Marie in Southwest Calpheon

※ Please Note

You can receive [Hammer of Fortune] x3 once a day by tapping on "Get Hammer."
- "Push Block Row" cannot be used if there's a row with less than 7 blocks.
- The board will refresh upon receiving any of the leftmost blocks.
- If you wish to keep playing on the same board, you can spend [Black Pearl] x200 to extend the game.
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

Thank you.