New Class Pre-Registration Announcement
Black Desert Mobile's
First Twin Class

Pre-register now
and be the first one to know the Maegu and Woosa update!

Pre-registration Period: Nov 22, 2022 - Dec 13, 2022 before maintenance

Register notification alarm for Twin Class in Black Desert Mobile Pre-registration page!

Various rewards via coupon code are sent just by pre-registering!

Enjoy the coupon code as you wait for Twin Class!

How to check coupon code!

Upon Pre-Registration

Crimson Crown x50



Lv 60 Character Generator Coupon x1



Holy Vial of Light x1,000



Life Plus (14 Days) x1



Combat Plus (14 Days) x1

Upon Class Release
Coupon code is sent via email used for pre-registration

Maegu Professional Outfit Selection Chest x1
Choose one of the following outfits for Maegu: Treant Camouflage,
Desert Camouflage, Venecil Dress, Splat Fisher's Clothes, or Venia Riding Attire



[Maegu] Jade Fox Hairpin x1



Chaos Jewel x1/Ah'krad x3 Selection Chest x1



Token: Snowball Rosefinch (Tier 7) x1



Holiday Gift x1
Rudolph's Nose, Winter Decoration Chest Redux,
Santa Cookie x10, and Holiday Candy Cane x10


- A given email address may only be used once for pre-registration. ​
- Both pre-registration rewards and update launch rewards will be distributed in the form of coupons, and they must be redeemed by Dec 31 (Sat), 2022, 23:59. ​
- You can check coupon codes from the page for pre-registration rewards once you pre-register. ​
- Rewards will be sent after the class update including coupon codes that will be sent to your email. ​
- You may not receive emails if you've pre-registered with an invalid address or have not agreed to receive event notifications. ​
- You can use coupons sent to your email via Black Desert Mobile > Settings > Redeem Coupon or BDM Official Forum > Redeem Coupon. ​
- If you've pre-registered, you'll receive notifications and rewards. ​
- Reward schedules, pre-registration period, and reward details are all subject to change at the discretion of the Company. ​
- Using personal information of a 3rd party without their consent may cancel your participation and lead to legal action. ​
- Details will be provided on the BDM Official Notice. ​

Thank you.