[1/29] Black Spirit's Puzzle Event
EVENTS 2020.01.29


Greetings, Adventurers!

What rewards could be hiding behind each puzzle square?

Collect puzzle pieces and find out!

■ Event Period
After 1/29 Maintenance - 2nd Maintenance of Feburary (2 weeks)

■ Event Details
1) Begin by tapping 'Renew Puzzle'.
2) Tap the puzzle piece you want and claim the reward.
3) You may renew the puzzle even if you have not claimed the final reward.
4) Free Puzzle Pieces can be claimed when the Black Spirit is level 20 or higher.
5) The puzzle board can be renewed up to three times a day. This count will refresh every day at 00:00 Server time.
6) All rewards are set randomly. The final reward may be the same as the previous final reward.


※ Please Note
- All event items can be found in the Inventory.
- All [Puzzle Pieces] will be removed when the event ends.
- The event period is subject to change.
- This event follows our [Event Policy] and the [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policy].



Thank you.