Wish Upon a Fairy Star!
EVENTS 2022.09.16

Wish Upon a Fairy Star!

“Fairies have been appearing all over the Black Desert world! Some have already befriended fellow adventurers, and even more are waiting in the wild to be tamed. The Fairy Queen has written a formal letter introducing the fairy kind to help us better understand them. However, the message was encrypted on a four-leaf clover in case it fell into the wrong hands. Can you decipher the message?” - Ramlo

📝 Event Details 📝

Event Period: September 16th to September 22nd 23:59 (UTC-8)

Event Instructions:

  1. Figure out the answers to each clue.

  1. Click the following link and fill out the form completely: WISH UPON A FAIRY STAR

  1. Hint: 
    Refer to the 9/13 Patch Notes!
  2. Optional: Download the word search puzzle. Find and circle all the answers. Upload the photo to the form for an additional 5 extra acorns if chosen as a winner!

🏆 Reward Details 🏆

30 Winners Black Pearl x 1,000 & Mysterious Acorn Lv.0 x 20
  • • The correct answers must be filled in every clue. 

  • • 25 winners will be selected to receive rewards 

  • • 5 winners who completed the form and did the optional step will receive:  

• Black Pearl x 1,000 & Mysterious Acorn Lv.0 x 25 

  • • Participants may only enter the contest once.  

  • • Entries will only be accepted through the form link. 

  • • Any violations of operational policies or account restrictions placed on an event participant will deem their entry disqualified and void any prizes that may be awarded. 

  • • The number of winners may be adjusted according to the number of event participants. 

  • • Event prizes may be subject to change to other items of equal value without prior notice. 

  • • Any event changes made such as event duration or cancellation will be updated on this page. 

  • • Refer to [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policies] for matters not addressed in this notice. 

Thank you.