TwitchCon San Diego, Here We Come!

TwitchCon San Diego, Here We Come!

Hey Adventurers,

Guess what?! Roccio’s family has asked us to join them in San Diego this year. The sunshine, the beach, and most importantly TwitchCon will all be in one place! We are officially going, yippee!

Come join Black Desert Mobile all 3 days from October 7th – 9th, 2022!

Create and customize a class of your choice and test your skills under pressure 😛

Hang out with your favorite CMs and GMs and maybe even get a chance to play with them (maybe against you 😜)

There will be a goodies-heaven including limited edition TwitchCon merch, awesome raffles, and sooo much more!

Don’t miss out or face the wrath of Roccio...’s family 😀

Pssst! – There may or may not be an exclusive gift for those who dress in Black Spirit cosplay 😉