[September] Known Issues

Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: Sep 28 (GMT-8)


Common Issues

■ UI
- An issue where rewards window from the 'Expedition Gateway: Cursed Pirate Island' occasionally shows rewards that were gained in the previous stage (Updated on Dec 21)


- An issue where Atumach Skirmish result screen intermittently shows the incorrect Contribution Rank (Updated on May 26)


- An issue where the HP Bar of Adventurers would occasionally appear to increase when hit by another Adventurer in mass PVP (Updated on June 8)

- An issue where dyed weapons do show the correct colors after exiting from camp (Updated on June 22)
※ This can be fixed by re-logging in, or unequip then equip the gear again.


■ System
- An issue where characters are occasionally stuck and unable to move on the stairs in [Path of Glory]. (Updated on May 6)
ㆍRe-arranging the class using [Change Formation] button will fix this issue.

- An issue where the game is occasionally logged out after obtaining EXP while playing in-game content. (Updated on Sep 26)
The EXP are normally obtained and you can continue playing the game by relogging in.


- An issue where Black Spirit auto-gathering function does not work in Great Ocean (Updated on Sep 28)


■ Fairy

- An issue where 'Auto-Pickup: Coral Chest' skill cannot be normally used (Updated on Sep 27)


■ UI

- An issue where the level of Judgement of Aal is occasionally displayed incorrectly (Updated on Sep 26)
※ It's only an UI issue and the level of Judgement of Aal is normally applied.


■ Trials of Ator

- An issue where Trials of Ator does not end after defeatng the boss. (Updated on Sep 27)
- An issue where Trials of Ator does not end after the time runs out. (Updated on Sep 27)


■ Ramoness

An issue where the room number does not show on certain occasions when receiving an invite from Ramoness Watch Mode
This issue can be resolved by turning on Watch Mode (Updated on Sep 28)

[1st Week of September]

- An issue where weekly task "Use Chaos Rift entry passes x5" is shown as "Use Harmony Scroll/Undefeated Shield x5
- An issue where the available entry for Elite Guild Raid from Guild > Content is abnormal on certain guilds.
- An issue where a notification appears that you can use Merchant Guild Delivery even the required main quest has not been completed. 
- An issue where appearance of 'Stellan Outfit' looks abnormal while mounting
- An issue where party members who pressed ready occasionally does not auto-enter when raid is about to start

[3rd Week of September]
- A issue where the CP obtained from Fairy Album is unintentionally added to Collection instead of Fairy from My Character Info > CP Breakdown

- Erreur où le titre de la bannière de l'événement "Gloire à la famille !" s'affiche en allemand.

- An issue where level of Judgement of Aal unintentionally resets in certain situation


[4th Week of September]

- An issue where Fairy's wish 'Tick Tock' cannot be completed. 

- An issue where the Quick Slot changes after setting from Standard A to Standard B on certain conditions