Announcing: Black Desert Mobile World Championship - Ramoness! (UPDATED)

Greetings, Adventurers!


We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our very first Black Desert Mobile World Championship - Ramoness!

The tournament will begin in February and finish in March with a Grand Finale where we will be broadcasting LIVE for all of our three regions! Be sure to tune in to meet your champions from your respective region!

Gather your members(within the same region, of course!) and prepare for the fast-paced 3 vs 3 Ramoness battlefield, where you and your teammates will prove that your teamwork and skills are the best in your region!


Detailed rules and rewards for our very first Black Desert Mobile World Championship - Ramoness will be announced at a later date. Be sure to visit our Official Website and also follow us on social media! 


We wish all of our Adventurers the best of luck!

See you on the battlefield!


※ Please note that details of the tournament are subject to change and will be announced on our Official Website.



■ Tournament Schedule

- Registrations will open on January 23rd and will close on February 2nd, 23:59 (UTC -8) [COMPLETE]
- Matchups will be announced sometime between February 3rd and February 9th [COMPLETE]

- The tournament will begin sometime between February 10th and February 16th

※ The tournament will run independently for participants of America, Europe, and Asia

※ The expected starting times for matches are as follows: Americas (7 pm UTC-8), Europe (1 pm UTC-1), Asia (5 pm UTC+8)

- Semifinals and Finals of the tournament will be held sometime between March 16th and March 22nd. These stages will be broadcasted LIVE!

※ Please note that schedule is subject to change


■ Tournament System (Per region)

- Round of 64 ~ Round of 32: Best of 3 (First to two wins)

- Round of 16 ~ Semifinals: Best of 5 (First to three wins)

- Finals: Best of 7 (First to four wins)


■ Tournament Prizes (Per region, per team member) [Updated 06:00 UTC-8]

- Teams that advance to the later rounds will be rewarded with Pearls, Special Titles, and more! (Details of tournament prizes will be announced at a later date)

- 5~8th Place: 1,000 Pearls, Unique Title
- 4th Place: 5,000 Pearls, Unique Title & Limited Edition Pet
- 3rd Place: 10,000 Pearls, Unique Title & Limited Edition Pet
- 2nd Place: 15,000 Pearls, Unique Title & Limited Edition Pet
- Champion: 20,000 Pearls, Unique Title & Limited Edition Pet



※ Please note that the image above was taken in a development build and may differ slightly from the actual pet.


■ How to participate

1. Recruit your team members!

2. Read this announcement thoroughly to make sure you understand the rules! (Also, be sure to check in regularly for more updates!)

3. Pick your Team Leader and head over to [Official Forum] > [Community] > [Black Desert Mobile World Championship] [LINK] to post a thread naming each of the team member’s Family Name along with their Region and Server. (Please post in English)

※ ex. JOEL(Asia - Calpheon), JEREMY(Asia - Serendia), BERU(Asia - Serendia) wish to participate in the tournament!

※ You must include [Black Desert Mobile World Championship] in the title to be eligible.

※ Family Names of your team members must match when the actual tournament begins.
※ Changing your Family Name after registering for the tournament will result in disqualification.


4. Have your team members comment on your post, stating they have agreed to participate with you in the tournament!

※ ex. JEREMY: I have agreed to participate in the tournament with JOEL and BERU!



- Admission into the tournament will be based on a variety of factors, including the team’s average Ramoness participation count, Arena level, CP, etc. 

※ The final list will be announced through our Matchups Reveal in February.

- All members within a team must be from the same region (Americas, Europe, Asia), but different servers within the same region are permitted.
※ e.g. JOEL(Asia - Calpheon), JEREMY(Asia - Serendia), BERU(Asia - Serendia)

- All members within a team must have a character that can enter the Ramoness Arena at the time of registration.

- Only one registration is allowed per Family. Attempts to participate in multiple teams will result in disqualification.

- To change the roster for a team that has already registered, delete the current post and create a new one with the changed roster by the end of the Registration Period.

- If a team member has been found to have violated our Operational Policy [LINK], the entire team will be disqualified.

- For communication reasons, all team members must join our Official Discord [LINK] in order to participate. 

※ Please indicate the Region, Server and Family Name as a [Custom Status] on Discord.

- We may request personal information for verification purposes. In the case that we do, all procedures will be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy [LINK].

- All participants must be over the legal age as stated in 6.4 of our Terms of Service [LINK]. Teams with members under the required age will be disqualified.

- Pearl Abyss will gain rights to record all matches of the tournament to be shared on our official platforms. The Semifinals and Finals will be streamed LIVE. 

- If we detect (by our consent) an inappropriate word in a team member’s Guild / Family / Character name, the entire team will be disqualified.

- Teams are subject to disqualification for all reasons stated above.

- Existing rules are subject to change, and new rules may be added as deemed necessary. Such changes and additions will be indicated for clarification. Please check this post regularly to stay up to date.


■ Tournament Match Rules [Updated 06:00 UTC-8]

1. Join the official Discord before your designated match time so that you can communicate with Pearl Abyss staff to prepare to join the match!

2. Join the match in-game after being contacted by Pearl Abyss staff on Discord!

3. Get ready after joining the specified match!
※ Please note that your team may be disqualified if all team members do not prepare within 5 minutes of entering the match.

4. Let the battle begin!
※ The specific rules are the same as the regular Ramoness Arena rules. Link to Ramoness Arena guide: [LINK]
※ Please note that the match rules or other rules regarding the tournament are subject to change without prior notice. Any changes will be marked in this announcement.


※ IMPORTANT [Updated 06:00 UTC-8]
- Please adhere to any requests made by Pearl Abyss staff members with regards to the tournament. Failure to do so will result in your team being disqualified.
- The matches will be recorded for any violations and fairness. They may be used in future videos on any of our official channels. Please only participate if you agree to these terms.
- You must join our official Discord server in order to communicate with Pearl Abyss staff members for the tournament. Please understand that communication will be done in English and that you will bear all responsibility that comes from not joining the Discord server in order to get information regarding the tournament.
- You must use the Voice Chat channel provided on our official Discord server to communicate with team members during the matches. Please understand that these sessions will be recorded and dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
- The tournament will not be held on special separate servers. As such we shall not be liable for any issues including frame drops, lag, disconnections, etc. Please understand these conditions before entering the tournament.
- Any teams found to have members that have utilized unauthorized programs during the process of the tournament will be disqualified. Please understand that this may be implemented retroactively should records be found afterward.
- Your team will be disqualified should all 3 team members not be ready to start the match within the pre-notified time period. (A grace period of a maximum of 10 minutes may be provided depending on the circumstances)
- The match will continue even if a team member or team members are disconnected from the match. There will be no rematch for such disconnections. Please make sure to access the game from a stable Wi-Fi connection before joining the match. (※ However, there may be a re-match in such a case where Pearl Abyss finds that the servers are at fault for the disconnection)
- You cannot change the participating character should you disconnect from a match. If such a character change is performed during a match, the team will be disqualified.
- Your team will be disqualified should you attempt to participate with a different Family name than the Family name your team had registered with. Please make sure to not change the Family names during the course of the tournament.
- You cannot change characters during a match. (e.g. You must play as a “Witch” for all rounds of the best of 3)
- You may participate with different characters within the same Family per stage of the tournament. (e.g. You may participate with a “Valkyrie” for the Round of 16 and with a “Ranger” for the Quarter-Finals.)
- There is no restriction on increasing your CP during the tournament.
- We will look for replacement teams should a team be disqualified from the Semi-Finals and onwards. (The remaining Semi-Finalist shall proceed to the Finals without a match ONLY in the case where all teams from the Quarter-Finals refuse to participate in a re-match)


■ Special Events

- To be announced soon!