Black Spirit Mission Pass
EVENTS 2022.08.23

Black Spirit Mission Pass


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Greetings, Adventurer!

Black Spirit Mission Pass has returned!

Complete Daily Tasks and collect points to obtain various rewards such as [Adventurer's [Primal] Gear Chest] and [Adventurer's Primal Accessory Chest].

Purchase the Premium Mission Pass to receive Pearl x800 upon purchase and unlock the premium rewards in the Mission Pass such as [Shadow Knot], [Path of Glory S9 Entry Pass], [[Abyssal]-[Primal] Rune of Darkness Chest], and [Adventurer's Primal Accessory Selection Chest]!

Complete your Daily Tasks today to progress your Mission Pass!


Event Period

After maintenance on Aug 23 (Tue) - Nov 15 (Tue) maintenance
※ Premium Mission Pass cannot be purchased after the event period.

Event Details

1) Collect [Black Spirit Mission Pass Point] by completing Daily Tasks.
2) The number of mission passes you have in your inventory will be displayed in the event page under 'My Mission Pass Points'.
3) Get rewards based on ‘My Mission Pass Points’.
4) If you purchase [Black Spirit Premium Mission Pass] you can collect both free and premium rewards.
5) You can collect the rewards even if you purchase [Black Spirit Premium Mission Pass] after you have reached the score for the rewards. 
6) Neither 'My Mission Pass Points' nor [Black Spirit Mission Pass Point] are consumed or reduced when collecting rewards.
※ When you first start the Black Spirit Mission Pass Event, you can receive [Fortune Scroll] x1.

Event Tab Open Requirement

- None

※ Please Note
- You will need a score of 200 to get the final reward for the Black Spirit Mission Pass event.
ㆍWhen purchasing additional ones, check your score to make sure you won't needlessly surpass 200 points.
- [Black Spirit Mission Pass Point] will be deleted on the upcoming Nov 15 maintenance.
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.
※ Obtain Pearl x800 upon purchasing Premium Mission Pass.

Thank you.