Notice Regarding Chaos Rift III and Event Reward for August 16 (Tue)


Greetings, Adventurers.

We have confirmed two issues after today's maintenance, August 16 (Tue). The following actions will be held to resolve these issues.


Chaos Rift III

We are aware of the issue where Chaos Rift Loot Chest cannot be obtained from Chaos Rift III.
We will send Chaos Rift Loot Chest to [Mail] retroactively on August 23, based on the number of entries into Chaos Rift III.


Reward for "Be the First to Defeat Urugon!" Event has been sent to Adventurers of the first 10 guilds who defeated Urugon: Level 3, instead of Level 5 as originally announced.

We apologize for missending the reward; which is contrary to the original event announcement.

Reward for first 10 guilds to complete Urugon: Level 5 will be sent in order after August 23 scheduled maintenance.


Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Black Desert Mobile Service Team.