International Cat Day Screenshot Event
EVENTS 2022.08.08

International Cat Day Screenshot Event


Greetings, Adventurer!


August 8th is International Cat Day! 😻


To celebrate International Cat Day, we prepared a screenshot event where you can participate with your cats.

Adventurers who have a cat in real life or own a cat as a pet in the game can participate, so please check the details down below!


📢 Event Period

Until August 14(Sun), 23:59 (UTC-8)

🎁 Event Rewards: (All Participating Adventurers) 

Fair Feed x1,000


🎁 Special Event Rewards: (8 Adventurers) 

Fair Feed x1,000
Token: White Valencian Cat (Tier 7) x1
Black Pearls x1,000

※ 8 Adventurers will be selected from all who participated in the event and will be given special rewards.

📢 How to Participate

1) Log-in to Black Desert Mobile.

2. Take a screenshot that represents the Cat in Black Desert Mobile.

2-1. Take a picture with your lovely cat.

3. Take a screenshot or picture and upload through Black Desert Mobile > Forum > Community Gallery > Write

4. Please read the event rules below:

4-1) You must include the title “International Cat Day Screenshot Event” when submitting your screenshot.


4-2) The screenshot must be about “Cat“ and has to have an “Ingame Cat Screenshot”, “picture of the cat you own” theme in order to be considered for selection.

4-3) The region, server, and family name must be included in the post.

4-4) You must upload two(2) images: [1] The screenshot version of your submission using [Menu] > [Screenshot] function and [2] The original screenshot where your Family name is indicated.

Eg. See image below (Failure to follow the example below will result to disqualification)

※ You can only participate with one picture that contains your cat in real life or in game.

※ Any work that is not originally created will not be considered (ex. stealing work created by others will result in automatic disqualification).

※ Any submission that is against the Operation Policy will be deleted immediately.


- Participation is limited to only 1 per individual for this event.

- To give all Adventurers a chance, winning Adventurers from the last screenshot event will be excluded from the event.

- If you submit multiple entries, only the last entry will count.

- Any inappropriate screenshot will not be considered. Furthermore, users who post offensive comments will be punished in accordance with our [Operation Policy].

- You will be disqualified from the event If you violate our [Operations Policy] at the time you are selected, or due to other restrictions in place.

- Moving or deleting the initial post after the Event period has ended will cause it to be exempt from the final results.

- If the submitted Family Name is inaccurate or is altered before the results are announced, rewards cannot be given.

- At least 3 reviewers will evaluate each piece internally.

- The evaluation process will not be disclosed and will be conducted internally.

- By participating in the event, you agree that the screenshot can be used on the official Black Desert Mobile website, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets and for marketing and PR purposes.

- Selected artwork can be edited for promotional work for Black Desert Mobile.

- The event period and conditions are subject to change.


Thank you.