Encore! Twilight Finale (Updated)
EVENTS 2022.08.02

Encore! Twilight Finale


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Greetings, Adventurers!

Encore! Twilight Finale voting period has ended and here is the result!
Adventurers' Top Pick was......

(🥁🥁🥁Drum Roll🥁🥁🥁)

Heidel Ball Puzzle Event / Heidel Ball Puzzle Piece Missions Event !

Thank you again for participating in this Encore! Twilight Finale voting event.
Heidel Ball Puzzle Event/Heidel Ball Puzzle Piece Missions Event will begin after scheduled maintenance on August 16.

We will notify you in advance through a notice if any changes are to happen.

Thank you.

Greetings, Adventurer!

CM Roccio here! Queek!

We've had different Adventurers' Summer Twilight events every week starting from July 2nd, and it's already time for the finale!

Looking back at how enthusiastic our Adventurers were during Twilight Hunt, Twilight Grace, and Twilight Boost, we want to repay you all for the outpouring of love and support you've sent our way.

With Twilight Finale, we hope our new Adventurers are able to catch up to the endlessly expanding content of Black Desert Mobile and become a part of our friendly and supportive community.

What about our veteran Adventurers, you say? We certainly can't leave you hanging! Vote for one of the following Twilight events to experience again!

Event 1. Encore Event

📢 Voting Period
- After maintenance on Aug 2 (Tue) - Aug 5 (Fri), 10:00 (KST)
Aug 2 - Aug 4 17:00 (UTC-8, AMERICA)
Aug 2 - Aug 5 02:00 (UTC+1, EUROPE)
Aug 2 - Aug 5 09:00 (UTC+8, ASIA)

Event Details

- Choose one of the following events and cast your vote in the Encore Event Poll.
- The most voted event will be held again after the maintenance on August 16.
1. Power Boost Login Event
2. Twilight Boost Harmony Scroll Event
3. Twilight Boost Spoils of Battle Hot-Time
4. Boss Hunting! Daily Missions
5. Heidel Ball Puzzle Event/Heidel Ball Puzzle Piece Missions

※Tap each event title to check the event page.
※ If the Power Boost Login Event gains the most votes, the event will start after the maintenance on Aug 23.

[Encore Event Poll]


Event 2. Full Chaos Set Event Period Extension

In addition to the encore event, we are extending the event period for our most popular event during Adventurers' Summer Twilight, "Receive a Full Chaos Set!" to Sep 12, 23:59!

Make sure to receive your full Chaos set during the extended event period if you haven't yet!

※ Please Note
- The event period and rewards are subject to change. We will notify you in advance through a notice if any changes are to happen.
- This event complies with the [Black Desert Mobile Operations Policy].

Thank you.