Collect Spoils of the Hunt
EVENTS 2022.07.12

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Greetings, Adventurer!

In this week of Adventurers' Summer Twilight, we're celebrating Twilight Hunt!
You can obtain [Spoils of the Hunt] by hunting enemies.

[Boss Stamp], [Adventure Token], and [Ancient Tablet] can be obtained from Spoils of the Hunt.

Although they drop in Elion, the drop rates are much higher in Hadum and Chaos!

Use the support items from "Hunting Supplies Daily Missions" and maximize your farming efficiency!

📢 Event Period
After maintenance on Jul 12 (Tue) - Jul 18 (Mon), 23:59

📢 Event Details
1) Obtain [Spoils of the Hunt] by defeating enemies.
※ Spoils of the Hunt can be obtained from the following zones:
- Elion, Hadum (Black Sun), Chaos, The Hidden Banquet Hall"
2) Spoils of the Hunt has a lower chance to drop in Elion.
- They have a higher chance to drop in Hadum and Chaos.
3) Spoils of the Hunt will not drop in Great Desert/Great Ocean.

📢 Event Tab Open Requirement
- None

※ Please Note
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

Thank you.