Drakania Screenshot Event
EVENTS 2022.07.05

Greetings, Adventurer!

The newest class in Black Desert Mobile, Drakania has arrived!

Customize your own Drakania and submit it through our official forum for a chance to win Appearance Coupon and Black Pearl!


📢 Event Period

Until July 11(Mon), 23:59 (UTC-8)

🎁 Event Rewards (15 Adventurers)

🎁 Rewards
Merv's Palette (14 Days) x1
Black Pearl x2,000


📢 How to Participate

1) Log-in to Black Desert Mobile.

2. In [Character Creation], select Drakania and customize her.

3. Take a screenshot and upload through Black Desert Mobile > Forum > Community Gallery > Write

4. Please read the event rules below:

4-1) You must include the title “Drakania Screenshot Event” when submitting your screenshot.


4-2) The screenshot must be about Drakania and has to have a “twilight” theme in order to be considered for selection.

4-3) The region, server, and family name must be included in the post.

4-4) You must upload two(2) images: [1] The screenshot version of your submission using [Menu] > [Screenshot] function and [2] The original screenshot where your Family name is indicated.

Eg. See image below (Failure to follow the example below will result to disqualification)

※ Any work that is not originally created will not be considered (ex. stealing work created by others will result in automatic disqualification).

※ Any submission that is against the Operation Policy will be deleted immediately.



Thank you.