Heidel Ball Live. Who's the lucky adventurer?
EVENTS 2022.07.01

Greetings, Adventurers!

It's GM Philance here~!


Finally, the long-awaited Heidel Ball begins.


I would like to thank Adventurers who took the time to watch our live broadcast.

Also, we have prepared a surprise gift draw-lot event.


This is to make sure that a reward is a must for such an important event like this!


A surprise gift draw-lot event will be held during the live broadcast.

If you participate in the survey accessible via YouTube chat(pinned), we will give you a handsome reward through draw-lots!


Watch the Heidel ball and get a surprise gift!

📣 Event Period 

2022/7/2(Sat) ~ 2022/7/2(Sat) 23:59 


📣 Event Details 

1) During the live Heidel ball live broadcast, please participate in the survey that will be available in the YouTube chat. 

2) The following rewards will be given through draw-lots among the participating Adventurers. 


🎁 Event Reward: 

Dark Knight Figurine (5 Adventurers) 

Crio, Papu Goods (20 Adventurers) 

1 stuff toy will be delivered randomly. 



📢 Final Winner Announcement:  

Jul 8 (Fri), 2022 


Please Note: 

- You can only register once per family. In case of multiple entries per family, the most recent will be considered.

- Please note that details such as color of the item cannot be selected by the winner and will be randomly assigned. 

- For shipment, winner's information will be collected including user agreement/consent will be obtained. 

- Pearl Abyss will cover for additional fees such as tax and public fees during shipment. However, documents that are not submitted during the submission period may result to cancellation of the shipment. Method on how to submit the required documents will be announced separately. 

(Delivery charges, including taxes and public utility charges, will be covered by Pearl Abyss Corp. However any customs duties will be imposed on the Adventurers who are to receive the prize.) 

- The event winners will be contacted separately and they will have to prepare the following documents for prize delivery: 

1) Residents of countries subject to withholding tax: Certificate of Receipt, Photocopy of Passport or valid Identification Card (ID), Agreement of Personal Information Collection, Agreement of Personal Information Consignment. 

2) Residents of countries not subject to withholding tax: Certificate of Receipt, Application for Non-Taxation/Exemption of Income Tax, Certificate of Residence, Photocopy of Passport, or a valid Identification Card (ID), Agreement of Personal Information Collection, Agreement of Personal Information Consignment. 

- Please refrain from changing your Family after the announcement of winners for a quicker progress of the delivery. In case of a change of Family name, the winner selection may be withheld. 

- Any restriction of account due to violation of the Operational Policies from Heidel Ball up to the prize shipment date may result in the cancellation and delivery of the prizes. 

- Personal information collection/consent of use is required for reward shipment, and details will be provided after the winner announcement. 

- Event prizes may be subject to change to other items of equal value without prior notice. 

- The event content and period may be subject to change or cancellation. Changes will be added to the event page, and we will notice you. 

- Refer to [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policies] or [Event Policies] for matters not addressed in this notice. 


Thank you.