Actions Against Usage of Unauthorized Programs


Greetings, Adventurers.

This is the Black Desert Mobile Service Team


To provide a fair and enjoyable game environment for our Adventurers, we would like to inform you on the actions taken regarding violation of Operational Policies.


We recently discovered abnormal server data caused by creations of multiple accounts for purposes that violates our Operational Policy.


As these activities may result in negative effects towards the game, Black Desert Mobile Service Team has taken measures pursuant to the Operational Policy Article 7 regarding “Bot” to ensure an optimal game environment.


We have restricted access of 3,085 Adventurer accounts after the updates on June 28th, 2022.


Please refer to the following for more information.


■ Accounts violating our Operational Policy - ‘Bot’ 

Europe Region(12)

Asia Region(3,073)

※ Please contact our [Customer Center] if you have objections to our action.
 Details regarding this issue can be found on [Operational Policy] 


We sincerely ask you not to engage in usage of any unauthorized programs in order to provide you with a fair and enjoyable game environment.


We deeply appreciate your cooperation and continual support for Black Desert Mobile.

Thank you.