[Celebrating Heidel] Be one of Heidel’s guardians, Adventurers! (Updated)
EVENTS 2022.06.21

Adventurers from all regions successfully took down the World Bosses!

KR 2,060,500/2,000,000
TW, HK, MO 2,206,750/2,000,000
JP 3,686,800/2,000,000
GL 3,920,000/2,000,000


As a reward, we have sent Raid Scroll items to your [Mail] for extra chances to defeat the Enraged World Bosses. Don't forget to receive them in time!

※Event rewards can only be received by accounts created before July 1, 2022 (Server Time).
※Event rewards are receivable until July 9, 2022 (Server Time).


Greeting, Adventurers!

This is CM Roccio.


We are up against something, Adventurers! A breaking news transmitted from the beacon towers of Delphe Knight’s Castle located just beside Heidel!

4 ancient shadows apparently appeared while everyone joined forces in preparation for <On this Adventurers' Summer Twilight : Heidel Ball> 😱


The 4 unidenfified shadows are appalingly..., the World Bosses!


This seems to be coming from the fact that they were not invited to the Heidel Ball which made them more insanely enraged than usual!

In this situation, rewards that are supposed to be given to Adventurers are in danger of being taken away! 😱


Although CMs from all regions are doing their best to stop this madness, it barely helps....😥

Adventurers! Use your strength and help us to defeat these uninvited bosses to help save this special occassion from getting ruined!


📣 Event Period

2022/06/21(Tue) after maintenance ~ 07/01(Fri) 23:59


📣 How to Participate:

- A specific way to inflict damage to World Bosses is stated below.

- If the total amount of damage is higher than the total HP amount of the World Boss, a special gift will be given by our CMs.

- Additional rewards will also be sent if all Adventurers around the world will successfully defeat the 4 World Bosses.




Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao






Enraged Muskan Total HP: 2,000,000

CM Roccio: Let us all gatherbecome one and fortify our strength to beat Enraged Muskan! (Queek!) 

Show him the true potential we have as we continue our adventures! (Queek!) 

How to Attack 


The number of emoji in the official announcement: 1000 Damage.

The total number of “Like” in the official notice: 500 Damage.

Every subscription to the official website: 35 Damage.


📣 Event Rewards: 

If 4 World Bosses are successfully defeated by all of our Adventurer’s combined strength for all regions,

the following rewards will be sent:

- Enraged Red Nose Raid Scroll x3

- Enraged Giath Raid Scroll x3

- Enraged Bheg Raid Scroll x3

- Enraged Muskan Raid Scroll x3



- Any comments that contains inapproriate content, any content that harasses other Adventurers, or any action that violates the in-game policy will be excluded from the event. 

- Items obtained through event rewards may or may not be spiritbound and cannot not be moved or restored for any reason. 

- Use of inappropriate methods or submissions found to be not your own will result in disqualification and cancellation of the rewards which includes in-game restriction. 

- The event period and conditions are subject to change. 

- Any changes will be noticed through this official announcement. 

- Any related concerns that are not mentioned in this notice will follow the [Event Policy]. 

- This event follows all the rules and regulations according to the [Operations Policy] 

- For inquiries related to the event, please contact the [Customer Support]. 


Thank you.