[Jun 14 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.06.14

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Jun 14 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ New World Boss
The Lemoria Guards, who still keep guard at Navarn Steppe, are uniquely familiar with Griffons. Although Griffons possess threatening levels of power, they prefer not to extend their territory, keeping races outside of Navarn Steppe at peace.

However, one day a Griffon with an ominous aura flew in from the arid lands, shattering the peace.

This black Griffon attacked the town of the Ganelle, dealt significant damage, and robbed them of their valuables. Although the Lemoria guards used all of their military prowess to fight against it, the Griffon flew away unscathed.

Ahib's Griffon was named after the Ahib, a race that left Kamasylvia after their defeat from the battle with the Ganelle.

Adventurers have since gathered en masse to Navarn Steppe to defeat this presence, a disastrous result for the Lemoria Guards who have prided themselves on protecting the Navarn Steppe for so long.

- A new world boss, Ahib's Griffon, has been added.
- Adventurers who are able to enter the Navarn Steppe can challenge Ahib's Griffon.
 ㆍ You can enter the Navarn Steppe after obtaining the title "To Verdure Lands" from completing the "Lemoria Guard Post" quest during Chapter 1 of the Northeast Kamasylvia main questline.
- Ahib's Griffon does not have a specific den, and will spawn every Tuesday at 21:40 (server time).
- Ahib's Griffon's HP will be shared across channels.
- You can obtain [Ahib's Griffon Reward] from I to VII depending on your inflicted damage ranking with Ahib's Griffon.
- You can obtain [Mysterious Ah'krad Crystal], [Twisted Time], [Ah'krad], and more from opening Ahib's Griffon Reward chests.
- In celebration of the new world boss update, there will be an event where Ahib's Griffon will additionally spawn on Saturday at 21:40.

■ Spoils of Ahib's Griffon
- Spoils of Ahib's Griffon's will appear on the spot it was defeated at Navarn Steppe.
ㆍYou can only collect Spoils of Ahib's Griffon if you did not participate in defeating the Ahib's Griffon.
ㆍThe Spoils of Ahib's Griffon appears 30 seconds after the Ahib's Griffon is defeated and remains on the spot until 10 minutes before the boss spawns again.
- You can obtain the Ahib's Griffon's [Blackened Feather] from the Spoils of Ahib's Griffon.
ㆍYou can enter the Dark Lord's Nest in a party with [Blackened Feather] in your possession.
ㆍUpon completing the mission, you can obtain a certain amount of rewards and knowledge EXP for defeating the Ahib's Griffon.
ㆍIf your room is public for more than 30 seconds after creating a party, Adventurers' Apparitions will join the party.
ㆍThe amount of damage that comes from CP does not have much effect in this mission.
- Upon obtaining [Blackened Feather] by interacting with the Spoils of Ahib's Griffon, the window for the Dark Lord's Nest mission will be displayed.

■ Nova
Nova is a class that utilizes her massive shield, Quoratum, and summons allies to deal damage to her enemies.

Her movement skills were difficult to make use of and she lacked damage in small-scale PvP content, relative to her performance in large-scale battlefields. Our internal data also showed that she had a very low win rate, which is why we saw a need to make improvements.

First, we improved controls by changing "Quoratum Charge" to not stop when colliding with enemies. You can also move more freely during the skill, slightly increasing mobility.

In addition, we made improvements by increasing the amount of damage dealt from main skills so that your AP is high enough even in small-scale PvP.

▷ Quoratum Charge
- Improved so that you can keep charging without holding the skill button.
- Added the function to attack immediately when pressing the skill button again while moving, and updated the skill description.
- Added the "Daze on last hit" effect.
- Removed the "Hold the skill button for additional movement" effect and added "Flow: Unstoppable March."
[Flow: Unstoppable March]
- 30 MP Cost for additional movement

▷ Command: Rising Ice Thorns
- Increased the skill's damage in PvE and PvP.
Lv 1: 575%, Max 4 hits → 705%, Max 4 hits
Lv 10: 747%, Max 4 hits → 916% , Max 4 hits
Lv 1: 402.5%, Max 4 hits → 493.5%, Max 4 hits
Lv 10: 523.25%, Max 4 hits → 641.55%, Max 4 hits

▷ Command: Knight's Charge
- Changed "Max 4 hits" to "Max 2 hits" in the skill description.
- Increased the skill's damage in PvE and PvP.
Lv 1: 585% x 2, Max 4 hits → 585% x 3, Max 2 hits
Lv 10: 760.5% x 2, Max 4 hits → 760.5% x 3, Max 2 hits
LV 1: 210% x2, Max 4 hits → 362.7% x 3, Max 2 hits
LV 10: 273% x2, Max 4 hits → 471.51% x 3, Max 2 hits

▷ Glacial Burst
- Increased the skill's damage in PvE and PvP.
Lv 1: 825%, Max 3 hits → 925%, Max 3 hits
Lv 10: 1072.5%, Max 3 hits → 1202.5%, Max 3 hits
Lv 1: 600%, Max 3 hits → 647.5%, Max 3 hits
Lv 10: 780%, Max 3 hits → 841.75%, Max 3 hits

▷ Command: Frost Shield
[Flow: Frostbite March]
- Improved "Not applied in Arena" to "Applied in Arena for 2 sec."

■ Primrose
Primrose can create openings for attacks by slowing down enemies with her passive skill, Frost Flower. However, her skill combos didn't allow her to take full advantage of the opportunity.

For these reasons, we made improvements by increasing the accuracy of debuffs for the skill "Absolute Zero," and made it possible to combo into "Infinistab" for added convenience in performing continuous attacks.

Also, we added the "Ephemeral Shard" effect to the passive skill, "Frost Flower," which will make it deal extra damage.

▷ Absolute Zero
- Added the "Cannot be grabbed during skill" effect and description.
- Improved to combo more quickly with "Infinistab."
- Increased the skill's damage in PvE and PvP.
Lv 1: 864.5% x 3 → 950.95% x 3  
Lv 10: 1037.4% x 3 → 1141.14% x 3  
Lv 1: 684.68% x 3 → 752.4% x 3  
Lv 10: 821.62% x 3 → 903.1% x 3

▷ Frost Flower
- Added "Frost Flower: Ephemeral Shard."
[Frost Flower: Ephemeral Shard]
- Create 1 shard upon skill use (Up to 3 shards)
- Absolute Zero skill damage +10% per shard for 10 sec
- Consume all shards upon using Absolute Zero

▷ Power of the Apricot
- Added the effect "Create Frost Flower: Ephemeral Shard x3 upon skill use."

■ Spiritwalker
Spiritwalker is a melee class with impressive defensive and offensive capabilities. She can deal a significant amount of damage with her powerful skill combos, but making the best use of her abilities required you to get close to your enemies, which would prove difficult with her lack of mobility.

For these reasons, we improved her mobility by adding a flow skill to "Leaping Tiger." Also, the attack range of "Dance of the Red Phoenix" was increased and the "Enhance last hit" effect of "Phoenix Wings" was added to the passive skill, "Guardians' Descent," to improve her overall performance.

▷ Heaven's Fall
- Reduced the skill's cooldown by 1 sec.

▷ Dance of the Blue Dragon
- Improved to combo more smoothly into "Heaven's Fall."

▷ Dance of the Red Phoenix
- Increased attack range by 10%.

▷ Leaping Tiger
- Improved to combo quickly while running.
[Flow: Cloud Ride]
- Improved to enable additional movement through a 30 MP cost when holding the skill button.

▷ Phoenix Wings
- Increased the skill's damage in PvE and PvP.
Lv 1: 341.88%, Max 7 hits → 410.2%, Max 7 hits
Lv 10: 390.61%, Max 7 hits → 492.3%, Max 7 hits
LV 1: 256.41%, Max 7 hits → 282.5%, Max 7 hits
LV 10: 292.95%, Max 7 hits → 322%, Max 7 hits
- Improved the last hit to be enhanced during "Guardians' Descent."
ㆍIncreased hit damage by 300%
ㆍIncreased hit damage by 500% in PvP

■ Bug Fixes
- [Spiritwalker] Fixed an issue where the damage effect of "Descent of Heavenly Beast: Blue Dragon" would stack.
- [Raven] Fixed an issue where your character would sometimes fall down when using "Phantom Crash" while moving after "Evasion."
- [Raven] Fixed an issue where your character would sometimes fall down when continuously using "Phantom Crash" while moving.
- [Spiritwalker] Fixed an issue where the HP recovery icon would disappear upon performing "Dance of the Red Phoenix" after "Heavenly Beasts' Blessing" in Arena.
- [Yacha] Fixed an issue where the character would move out of bounds when comboing "Spirit Burst," "Feral Rage," and "Eagle Drop" in that order in certain regions.

■ Items
- Changed so that you can discard [Recruit Ally] items obtained from completing stories.
- Changed to resurrect from the location saved in the area of entry when using [Elion's Blessing] to resurrect.
ㆍIf you have many locations saved, you'll resurrect from the location that is displayed on the uppermost part of the list of saved locations in the current area of entry.

■ UI

- Added a button to "See Guild Member Score" for the season to the UI for creating a party for Atumach.
- Added the description of time required to recover Stamina and the recovery amount in the resources widget.
- Removed the Select Mode and Info Mode UIs from the Collection menu and added a "Add Item to Collection" button on the bottom right of the Complete and Get Reward buttons.
ㆍChanged item info windows to be displayed when pressing the item icons.

■ Preset

- Added a feature that allows you to quickly switch your gear by using presets.
ㆍYou can equip your preset gear by pressing the preset numbers on the left side of your gear from your inventory.
ㆍYou can equip gear that you previously saved via the preset feature for content such as Ramoness Arena and Battlefield of the Sun.
However, you cannot change your gear once the battle begins in the arena or battlefield after you've finished your preparations.
ㆍThere's a cooldown for changing your gear again after switching your gear preset.

■ System

- Increased the daily limit for kicking Guild members from 3 to 10.
- Optimized performance on some devices.
- Changed the permissions for "Storage" from mandatory to optional for the game app.
- Added a choice for quickslot modes in the settings pop-up when creating the first character of an account.
ㆍQuickslot modes can be changed in the lower left of the character lobby or in Settings -> Convenience -> Quickslot Mode

■ UI
- Added a "Store Food" button to the Food Storage that uses all food items in the inventory that can be converted to food.
ㆍThis function is identical to the "Store All the Food" button in item description boxes.
- Improved Path of Glory so that the boss of the current wave can always be checked.
- Improved the character selection screen so that an icon will indicate if the character is currently within Great Ocean or Great Desert.

■ Guild

- Added a notification function for when Node/Siege War bid is available.
- Added a filter UI for the Node War schedule in Node War World Map, and improved the design for better readability.
ㆍThe first screen will display the number of biddable Nodes per region.
ㆍAfter selecting a region, specific zones will be highlighted.

■ System

- Improved Auto-Combat to be activated if available after completing Ancient Ruins, Field of Valor, and Cursed Pirate Island.
- Improved the Guild chat to be accessible during Battlefield of the Sun.

■ UI
- [Mystic] Fixed an issue where the legs would render incorrectly in the dye menu of the outfit "An Afternoon in Serendia."
- [Legatus/Sage] Fixed an issue where the camera would face awkward directions in the equipment preview screen.
- Fixed an issue where the bottom-most information of certain items in the Market were incorrect when using a smaller UI Size while playing on a tablet.
- Fixed an issue where certain progression UI, such as daily quests, were being displayed in incorrect ratios.
- Fixed an issue where Emblems were being omitted from the CP Breakdown menu, making the Total CP value inaccurate.
- Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to check your mail in your mailbox properly because part of it would be cut off.

■ System

- Fixed an issue where switching to a different screen while the game is open would make the connection unstable.
- Fixed an issue where guild members with no remaining entries could still accept invites from an Atumach party leader.
- Fixed an issue where summons would sometimes remain in Battlefield of the Sun.
- Fixed an issue where the message "Insufficient character slots." was popping up when logging in to the game.
- Fixed an issue where Priority Pets were not being prioritized during Auto-Exchange.
- Fixed an issue where previous matches in Ramoness, Arena, Atumach, and Battlefield of the Sun would cause interference with the current season's data.
- Fixed an issue where locked items would appear to be unlocked in the appraisal menu of Lafi Bedmountain.
- Fixed an issue where the connection would be unstable sometimes when opening a full screen menu then closing it in the Great Desert.

■ Starting Events
Hit or Miss! Hammer of Fortune
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jun 14 (Tue) - Jun 20 (Mon), 23:59
Bounty Missions Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jun 14 (Tue) - Jun 20 (Mon), 23:59
Hammer of Fortune Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jun 14 (Tue) - Jun 20 (Mon), 23:59
Lucky Roulette Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on Jun 14 (Tue) - Jun 20 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events

· Yacha Premium Login Event

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.
■ New Items
- Lucky Shop
· Kamasylvia Lucky Shop
· The rate table for Kamasylvia Lucky Shop can be found [here]

- Lucky Shop Pack
· Weekly Limited Lucky Pack
· Kamasylvia Lucky Shop Pack I
· Kamasylvia Lucky Shop Pack II

- Special Package
· Limited Black Pearl & Relic Pack