[June 2022] Known Issues

Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: July 7 (GMT-8)


Common Issues

■ Character
- An issue where other Adventurers who are mounted are occasionally seen in a combat-mode position. (Updated on June 7)

■ UI
- An issue where rewards window from the 'Expedition Gateway: Cursed Pirate Island' occasionally shows rewards that were gained in the previous stage (Updated on Dec 21)


- An issue where Atumach Skirmish result screen intermittently shows the incorrect Contribution Rank (Updated on May 26)


- An issue where the HP Bar of Adventurers would occasionally appear to increase when hit by another Adventurer in mass PVP (Updated on June 8)


- An issue where the UI appeared from consuming 'skill book' or 'skill book chests' by using 'open chests' function appears incorrectly (Updated on June 13)

- An issue where dyed weapons do show the correct colors after exiting from camp (Updated on June 22)
※ This can be fixed by re-logging in, or unequip then equip the gear again.

- An issue where the requirement description of Twisted Nightmare is incorrectly displayed when the game language is set to Russia (Updated on June 28)


■ System
- An issue where [Drakania] Da-Dum Da-Dum Fisher's Clothes cannot be registered when using Professional Outfit Exchange Coupon from [Craft] > [Outfit]. (Updated on July 7)

- An issue where you cannot create a new guild within 24 hours rather than 3 hours of leaving the previous guild (Updated on June 30)
- An issue where item information is displayed abnormally for some items located at the bottom of Market screen when UI Size is set to smallest size on a tablet device. (Updated on May 15)
· This can be resolved by readjusting your UI Size to a larger size.

- An issue where characters are occasionally stuck and unable to move on the stairs in [Path of Glory]. (Updated on May 6)
ㆍRe-arranging the class using [Change Formation] button will fix this issue.

- An issue where apparition appearing in specific content shows a class that has not been updated in the game (Updated on June 28)

■ Raven
- An issue where Raven's invicibility effect during startup of "Phantom Crash: Shard" does not work in certain content (Updated on June 24)


[1st Week of June]

- An issue where the HP of 'Judgment of Aal' is displayed incorrectly in guild fortress when guild owns a node

[2nd Week of June]
- An issue where Inventory > Check CP window does not show the CP of Emblem. (Updated on June 3)
※ Total CP may also incorrectly display on the window.