[2022] Open Registration for Discord Moderator Position

Greetings, Adventurers! 

We are looking for Moderators for our official Discord server.

If you are knowledgeable about the game, love talking with your fellow Adventurers, and are good with conflict resolution, join our Discord team!

BDM Discord: Click here!

■  Discord Moderator 
Moderators on Black Desert Mobile’s Discord server work alongside Pearl Abyss staff members to create and maintain a healthy community for our server. Moderators send out important information to other Adventurers on Discord about any issues to help us to resolve them as quickly as possible.

A. [Discord Moderator] does not hold any special privilege or authority
- While a Moderator is given the ability to manage certain functions that are designed to maintain a healthy environment for all Adventurers, a Moderator fundamentally does not possess any authority over other Adventurers nor do they represent the official voice of Pearl Abyss.

B. [Discord Moderator]s are given monthly incentives from Pearl Abyss for their service:
- “Moderator” in-game title
- All-Inclusive Plus Chest (28 Days) x1
- Discord Nitro (30 Days)
- Black Pearls x1000
- 5 Roccio’s support Chest
-Other in-game items (Valks’ Pack, Fortune Scroll, Golden Vault Entry Pass)

※ Based on the current service environment, the content of monthly incentives is subject to change 
※ Current Moderators will receive this reward starting the following month after joining the program

C. [Discord Moderator] Application process
 1. Be a current, active, and helpful member of BDM’s Official Discord for at least 1 month.
2. Respond to this form: Discord Moderator Application
3. Accepted applicants will be contacted via Discord DM to arrange an interview.
4. Once accepted, the applicant will be given the [Community Contributor] role and will be reviewed for one month upon acceptance.
5. If the applicant’s qualities have been acknowledged as exceptional, the [Moderator] role will be given. 
6. If the qualities are acknowledged as insufficient, the applicant will remain as Community Contributor and continue being reviewed, or go back to being a regular member of the discord if they’re not a good fit.
   - As with the Moderator role, the Community Contributor role may be revoked at any time.

※ This application process may close at any time once the required number of Moderators has been met 

D. The [Discord Moderator] role and a portion of Moderator incentives may be revoked in case of Moderator inactivity.
- If an event is to occur that prevents regular Moderator activity, a Pearl Abyss Staff will contact the individual before initiating the above actions.
- The above clause also applies to [Community Contributors].

E. [Discord Moderator] must follow the [General Rules for Moderator].
- Violation of a general rule may lead to the immediate removal of the Moderator role and a portion of Moderator incentives.
- [General Rules for Moderator] can be found on the #read-first channel designated for Moderators.
- The above clause also applies to [Community Contributors].

Please note that Black Desert Mobile’s Discord server and the Moderator system may be altered or closed at any time.

We will continually strive to communicate with all our Adventurers!

Thank you.