[May 11] Black Desert Mobile X GAMESIR Partnership!

Greetings, Adventurers!


Black Desert Mobile is having a special collaboration with GAMESIR in the 2022 BRC Season 1 tournament!


GAMESIR will be sponsoring by giving away game pads throughout the event period which will start today! For a chance to win, participate by writing down your messages for our upcoming tournament.

Please make sure to participate in the tournament for a chance to win mobile gaming controllers that’ll definitely improve your gaming experience in the world of Black Desert!


Check more details below:

📣 Event Period

Until June 10 (Friday), after the BRC Season 1 Final Day

Events List



MVP Reward for each Region (3 per region) 

※ 9 winners 

Gamesir X2 Controller x9 

Message of Support Event (SNS) 

※ 5 winners 

Gamesir X3 Controller x1 
Gamesir X2 Controller x4 

BRC Championship Viewer Event 

※ 6 winners 

Gamesir X3 Controller x2 
Gamesir X2 Controller x4 

📣 How to Participate in the “Message of Support Event”

1. Visit the BDM X GAMESIR Collaboration Event Post through our social media websites. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

2. Send a message about your expectations for the upcoming tournament through the comment section.

3. Write down your Family name and server.


📣 How to Qualify as MVP Reward in BRC Season 1

- MVP: Top performer based on points per game and votes by commentators and the event committee (3 per region)

[Information related to becoming an MVP can be found through the [2022 Black Desert Mobile Ramoness Championship Season 1]


📣 How to Participate in the BRC Championship Event


📣 Prize Details
GameSir X3 Type-C
- As a wired controller & cooler in 1, X3 Type-C delivers console-like experience while solving overheat problem in your phone simultaneously.
GameSir X2 Bluetooth
- After the huge success of the GameSir X2 Type-C mobile gaming controller, GameSir has brought X2 Bluetooth controller to the market. It's a universal mobile gaming controller which is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices.
GameSir X2 Type-C
- GameSir X2 uses a wired connection, which greatly reduces the time required for the device signal to reach the mobile phone, and truly realizes plug and play. With almost no delayed input, you can control the situation at any time without leaving the opponent's chances.

❗Please Note
- Participating in the event in an unauthorized manner may result in disqualification, as well as confiscation of any items or restriction in gameplay.
- The number of winners may change according to the number of event participants.
- Restriction of your account due to violation of operational policies until the ball date or prize distribution date may result in nullifying any event win and the confiscation of any prizes distributed.
- Event prizes may be subject to change to other items of equal value without prior notice.
- The event content and period may be subject to change or cancellation. Changes will be added to the event page, and we will notice you.
- Refer to [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policies] or [Event Policies] for matters not addressed in this notice.

❗Additional Notice Regarding the Reward Shipment

- Please note that the color or other details of the item cannot be selected by the winner and are randomly assigned.
- For the gift, the winner's shipping information is collected and the winner's consent is obtained.

- The event winners will be contacted separately and they will have to prepare the documents required for prize delivery.

Thank you.