DAEBAK! May OX Quiz Event Livestream Announcement
EVENTS 2022.05.04

Greetings, Adventurers!

Let's make this May special in Black Desert Mobile!
An OX Quiz Event will be held this Friday to share a special moment with Adventurers.
Various events will be held during the month of May, including the OX quiz, so we hope you will join us in this special events!
The O/X event will be broadcasted on [Black Desert Mobile Official Youtube Channel].
You can also check the livestream from the in-game icon.
Adventurers, shall we enjoy the beginning of Daebak May together?
Learn more on how to participate!


📣 Event Period
2022/5/06(Fri) 17:00~19:00 KST
- Time may vary depending on livestream preparation and progress.
ㆍStart time by region
May 6 (Fri), 00:00 America
May 6 (Fri), 09:00 Europe
May 6 (Fri), 16:00 Asia

📣 Livestream Events
Event 1️⃣ OX quiz event
1) Up to 100 Adventurers can enter the OX quiz area by using the in-game icon.
2) You can move your character in the OX quiz area to choose the right answer!
3) If you get the answer correctly, you will be able to move on to the next question. Adventurers who answer incorrectly will be eliminated.

For adventurers who will not be able to enter the OX quiz due to the limited number of participants,
You will be able to answer the questions with the OX quiz items that will be sent via in-game [Mail]!
Don't forget that you can also enjoy watching the official livestream together!
【Black Desert Mobile Official Youtube Channel】 


- Rewards:

Mysterious Acorn Lv. 0 x 10 for correct answer
Mysterious Acorn Lv. 0 x 5 for incorrect answer

- Final Reward:
Dimensional Fragments (10) x The number of survivors

Event 2️⃣ Guess the drawing
After the O/X Quiz Event ends, another event "Guess the Drawing" will begin.
Guess what Laila is drawing during the livestream!
- We will select 15 adventurers who chat the right answer and reward "Pearl & Emblem Growth I" package.
- Winners will be notified at a later date through a separate announcement. Please share your Family Name and Region with GM/CM on the official Discord to receive rewards.
❗ Please Note
- Inappropriate action/method in participating or failure to comply with the [Black Desert Mobile Terms of Operation] may result to disqualification. Compensation may be canceled, including in-game restriction.
- The event period and contents are subject to change and will be updated through this notice.
- Any content not specified on this notice will automatically comply with The Black Desert Mobile Operations Terms and Conditions.
- This event complies with the Black Desert Mobile Operations Policy.
- If you have any questions about The event, please contact Customer Support.

We hope to see you at the event!

Thank you.