[1/14] Actions Against Usage of Unauthorized Programs

Greetings, Adventurers.


In order to provide a safe and fair gaming environment for all of our Adventurers, our team has taken action against accounts that have attempted to gain an unfair advantage over other Adventurers by using unauthorized programs and macros.


Operational Policy


1st Violation

2nd Violation

Client Manipulation, Use of Illegal Programs and Macros

"Use of Illegal Programs and Macros" refers to the following:

(1) An act of manipulating the client provided by the company without authorization.

(2) An act of using the computer programs macros, devices, or equipment (hereinafter referred to as "illegal programs") that disables the technological protection of the service or disrupt the normal operation of the service.

(3) An act whereof repeatedly doing action like an illegal program and shown in the game data.

(4) An act of using programs from another creator that was not authorized by the company.

※ List of currently authorized programs to be used only for playing the game: Bluestacks, LD Player, NOX, MEmu Player and any of their native functions. Please note that any downloads not from their official websites, modifications, addons, or changes in the programs may render this authorization void and will be seen as a breach of the Black Desert Mobile Operational Policy.

※ Please note that this list is subject to change.

Restriction (7 days) Permanent Restriction

List of Suspended Adventurers - 1st Violation


Any Adventurers found to have intentionally attempted to gain an unfair advantage will face disciplinary actions as a violation of our [Operational Policy]. This includes the potential of permanent deletion of the account.


If you suspect that another player is cheating or using any unauthorized 3rd party programs, please report to Customer Support ( Our team is actively monitoring against cheating and abuse, and we will continue to do our best in keeping a safe and fair gaming environment for all of our Adventurers.


We appreciate all the love and support for Black Desert Mobile.


Thank you.