[May 17 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.05.17

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on May 17 (Tuesday) are here!
In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ New Class: Yacha

After a fierce battle against his other spiritual half, Yacha now has control over the "Echo Spirit," a physical manifestation of his energy!

Yacha engages in hefty melee combat like an uncontrollable beast, and shakes up the battlefield with focused bursts through combo attacks with the Echo Spirit.

"The Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield!"

Yacha joins the adventure in Black Desert Mobile!

- The new class Yacha will be Awakened on creation.
- Yacha has access to 4 Active Skills upon creation, and can acquire more skills through leveling up.
- When above Level 60 and completing Balenos main quest "The Boss, Red Nose," the story "Rough Spirit" will be available.
ㆍ The title "Wandering Rogue Wolf" is obtainable through completing this story.

■ Yacha Skill List

▷ Gardbrace Mastery
- The basic moves and techniques required to master the use of Gardbrace. (Required Level: 1)

▷ Unshackled
- Release all of your latent energy for a temporary, but immense increase in strength. (Required Level: 1)

▷ Spirit Burst
- Embrace your carnal rage and charge forward to eviscerate your enemies. (Required Level: 1)
- Enhancements/Branches: Increase DP, Increase Crit Chance

▷ Eagle Drop
- Leap forward and perform a heavy kick into the ground together with the Echo Spirit. (Required Level: 1)
- Enhancements/Branches: Burn, Increase AP, Branch: Aal, Branch: Ahib

▷ Collapsing Sweep
- Debilitate the enemy by sweeping the ground out from under them together with the Spirit. (Required Level: 1)
- Enhancements/Branches: Reduce Cooldown, Decrease Move Speed, Increase Range, Branch: Serrett, Branch: Labreve

▷ Lights Out
- Hurl a gargantuan punch together with the Spirit. (Required Level: 1)
- Enhancements/Branches: Bleed, Increase Range, Decrease Attack Speed, Branch: Ahib, Branch: Serrett

▷ Infernal Burst
- Perform a powerful uppercut together with the Spirit. (Required Level: 10)
- Enhancements/Branches: Flow: Explosive Fist, Reduce Crit Chance, Decrease Attack Speed, Burn

▷ Feral Rage
- Launch a vicious series of attacks without giving the enemy a chance to flee. (Required Level: 20)
- Enhancements/Branches: HP Recovery, Decrease DP, Flow: Pounce, Branch: Aal, Branch: Labreve

▷ Spirit Howl
- Unleash your latent energy into a violent explosion together with the Spirit. (Required Level: 30)
- Enhancements/Branches: Decrease Move Speed, Increase DP, Branch: Aal, Branch: Serrett

▷ Fiery Plume
- Concentrate the Spirit's energy into an explosive series of punches. (Required Level: 40)
- Enhancements/Branches: Increase Range, Extra Charge, Super Armor, Branch: Ahib, Branch: Labreve

▷ Hell Smash
- Embroil helpless foes in an onslaught of grabs, strikes, and pain. (Required Level: 50)
- Enhancements/Branches: Bleed, Reduce Cooldown, Decrease DP, Flow: Volcanic Hold

▷ Rock Splitter
- Strike down the enemy together with the Spirit then throw a powerful punch. (Required Level: 60)
- Enhancements/Branches: Increase Hit Targets, Increase AP

▷ Soul Fusion
- Use the Echo Spirit's energy for both healing and increased strength. (Required Level: 70)
- Enhancements/Branches: Increase Critical Hit Damage, Increase Black Spirit's Skill Damage

■ Other
- Changed the voiceover of the Grandmaster class to be more energetic.

■ New Siege Weapon: Judgment of Aal

In a Siege War, two Guilds engage in a fierce conflict over the ownership of the castle, and the winning Guild claims both fame and glory for their hard work.

However, Siege War is currently more about all-out battles and less about tactical strategies, so it is difficult for the losing Guild to turn the tides of battle if they lack in power.

We have mentioned at the previous ball about our plans to make Siege War more exciting, and our first step is the addition of Judgment of Aal" in this update.

Judgment of Aal" is a Siege Weapon with excellent mobility and devastating firepower, capable of dealing massive damage to both Adventurers and castle walls. It will be a threat to even the sturdiest lines of defense.
The attacking Guild should use it wisely and protect it at all costs, while the defending Guild should prioritize its destruction.

We expect this new Siege Weapon to bring about new tactics in Siege War and make battles more dynamic.

Judgment of Aal is first of the many improvements to come, and we will keep a close eye on statistics after its addition to ensure that Siege War becomes more thrilling and enjoyable.


- A new Siege Weapon, Judgment of Aal, has been added.
- Two players can mount Judgment of Aal: one person driving the weapon and one operating the cannon.
- The driver can accelerate while mounted.
ㆍDuring acceleration, Judgment of Aal will leave trails that decrease the move speed of enemy Adventurers.
- The gunner can check the direction of the cannon on the mini-map, identical to normal cannons, and can tune the firing distance by holding down the fire button.
- Adventurers mounting Judgment of Aal will be invincible until they dismount.
- Judgment of Aal can be checked in [Guild Fortress > Manage Weapons]. 
- Judgment of Aal can only be summoned by the attacking Guild, and is unavailable for the defending Guild.
- Judgment of Aal grows stronger with each failed siege, and the enhanced Judgment of Aal can be used in the next Siege War.
ㆍJudgment of Aal can go up to Level 6.
ㆍJudgment of Aal's Max HP varies depending on the Adventurers' CP rank, tallied each day (Elite, Knight, Count)
ㆍThe initial level after the update will be Level 1.
ㆍLevel increases by 1 for each failed siege.
- The enhancement from failed sieges will reset upon a successful siege using Judgment of Aal.
- Judgment of Aal can be redeployed 5 minutes after it is destroyed.
- Judgment of Aal can also grow stronger by defeating a certain number of enemy Adventurers.
ㆍThis enhancement can go up to Level 10 and will not reset when destroyed.
ㆍThe enhancement from Adventurer kills will reset at the end of every Siege War.
- The HP of Judgment of Aal will recover back to 100% upon switching sides in Valencian Siege War. 
ㆍThe Guild that was initially defending the castle cannot use Judgment of Aal even after switching sides. 

■ Other

- Changed the end time of Siege War to 21:30.

■ Bug Fixes
- [Legatus] Changed the skill [Lightning Sentinel] so that if the Arkanon is too far away from Legatus, it will teleport back to Legatus before resuming to track enemies.
- [Lahn, Crimson Lily] Fixed an issue where Expert and Master Skillbooks were displaying Lotus' class image in their icons.
- [Gladiator] Fixed an issue where Auto-Fishing would stop if level increased during Auto-Fishing in the Camp.
- [Archmage] Fixed an issue where Basic Attacks would activate after using Evasion.

■ Siege / Node War
- Changed the location where the Battle-Hardened Ogre spawns in "Forsaken Lands".

■ Story

Developer's Comments:
On this journey, there are times when Adventurers need to gather power with your Family members.
When defeating a horde of monsters in Path of Glory, or when climbing Tower of Trials, you can achieve better results when you are with allies.

However, newer Adventurers might not have enough time and resources to create new allies and power them up.
That can come up as one of the barriers to enjoy the content mentioned previously.

We've added Stories so that Adventurers can naturally recruit allies and enjoy new content.
Rather than simply getting a character through the story, we hope that you will become more immersed in the backstory of these classes and allow them to join the Family in a more meaningful way.

- 4 new Stories have been added so you can recruit new allies.
ㆍ If there are available character slots when completing a story, the class from the story will be created as a level 55 character equipped with epic gear.
ㆍ If there are not enough character slots, a Recruit Ally item will be created in the Pearl Inventory, and it can be used to create a level 55 character equipped with epic gear upon use.

Story Requirement
A New Ally: Gladiator Complete Southwest Calpheon Main Quest 'Hexe Marie, the Witch' 
A New Ally: Huntress
A New Ally: Archmage Complete South Mediah Main Quest 'Illezra's Servant'.
A New Ally: Titan Complete North Mediah Main Quest 'Elric High Priest'.

■ Tangled Time
- After the update on May 24, the number of [Tangled Time] obtained as a reward by defeating Chaos Muraka will increase.
ㆍ[Chaos Muraka Reward I] will be mailed to Adventurers who can obtain spoils left by Muraka or have participated in the Chaos Muraka Boss Rush but were not able to obtain the reward.
ㆍ[Muraka's Specter Helmet] in your Inventory will be removed and [Chaos Muraka Reward I] will be sent to your mail.
ㆍAfter maintenance on May 24, you cannot obtain "Traces left by Muraka" or participate in "Muraka's Spectral Forest" until Chaos Muraka appears in Longleaf Tree Forest on May 29 (Sun), 21:40.

■ Ancient Ruins: New Difficulty

- After the update on May 24, the new difficulty "Eternal" will be added to Ancient Ruins.
- The Eternal difficulty can be entered using [Ancient Tablet] and [Tangled Time].
- The Eternal difficulty will unlock during the new Kamasylvia story updated on May 24, "To Viv Foretta Hamlet," and the recommended CP is 30,000.

■ Item
- "Acquisition" info button has been added to the following item descriptions.
※ Applies to: Ah'krad, Root of Sorcery, Chaos Core, Chaos Jewel, Chaos Crystal, Tear of the Goddess, Alyaelli Fragment, Ancient Inscribed Glyph, Caphras Secret Book Page, Lapis Lazuli
ㆍWe are planning to add more items to this list in future updates.
- A list entitled "Where to Obtain" will display by tapping on the "Acquisition" button.
ㆍThe "Acquisition" button won't show for gear that is equipped.
ㆍIf an item can be obtained from a menu, there will be a button within "Acquisition" that leads you directly to the menu.
- Changed 'E' to 'Equipped' in item info tab.
- Improved so that Ornaments and Barding items can be deleted within Pearl Inventory.

■ Node War
- Fixed the issue of the Node War Elephant sometimes being over the player.

■ UI
- Improved so that a widget displays Auto-Hunt/Forage progress in the Battlefield of the Sun lobby screen.
- Improved so that Boss Knowledge Level displays in the pop up list when using a Raid Scroll Selection Chest.

■ System
- Improved character's location synchronization in Normal Fields.
- Fixed the issue of grab state not being disabled even after the attacker who grabbed was defeated.
- Improved the accuracy of remaining time within the timer that shows above the stage.
ㆍFixed the issue of the stage being over even though there was time left.
- Improved so that you can leave Co-op Rush without assigning a party leader.
- Improved so that the title tutorial displays when tapping on the equipped title UI.

■ UI
- Fixed the issue of some UI overlapping while unlocking Path to Power.
- Fixed the issue of passive recovery skills' UI being displayed twice in the applied buff info tab.
ㆍThe actual recovery effect of passive skills did not stack.
- [Grandmaster] Fixed the issue of not being able to dye when equipping Lollipop Glasses ornament. 
- [Grandmaster] Fixed the issue of part of the outfit not being exposed when the weapon appearance function is turned off after equipping Terrmian outfit.
- [Sage, Legatus] Fixed the issue of Hanbok and Royal Enforcer A & B outfit rendering improperly when equipped.
- Fixed the issue of Shadow of Gahaz monster floating around sometimes in Black Sun.

■ System

- Fixed the issue in which preset was not getting saved when disabling the "Flow" effect that was registered in skill preset.
- Fixed the issue in which sometimes it was possible to ride on another Adventurer's mount.
- Fixed the issue in which the direction the character was facing when dismounting from a cannon looked awkward .
- Fixed the issue in which buff effect durations would sometimes display incorrect values or disappear.


■ Starting Events
DAEBAK! May Black Spirit's Adventure!
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 17 (Tue) - May 30 (Mon), 23:59
· Event Exchange Period: After maintenance on May 17 (Tue) - Jun 6 (Mon), 23:59
DAEBAK! May Daily Dice Missions!
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 17 (Tue) - May 30 (Mon), 23:59
Yacha's Daily Training
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 17 (Tue) - May 30 (Mon), 23:59
Yacha Premium Login Event
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 17 (Tue) - Jun 13 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events

· DAEBAK! May Primal Accessory Bingo!
· DAEBAK! May Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chest
· DAEBAK! May Angel vs. Devil Voting Event

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.
■ New Items
- Special Pack
· Yacha Launch Chest
· [DAEBAK] Yacha Pearl Chest
· Gold Coin of Glory Pack Redux
· Lucky Shop of Glory Pack III
· Monthly Awakening Support Pack

- New Weapon Outfit (Black Pearl)

· Blazing Inferno (Yacha)
· Kibelius (Yacha)
· Karlstein (Yacha)
· Nouse's Shard (Yacha)
· Crowned Eagle (Yacha)
· Burning Soul (Yacha)

- New Weapon Outfit (Pearl)

· Shudad (Yacha)
· Treant Camouflage (Yacha)
· Desert Camouflage (Yacha)