[1/10] Event: Adventurer’s Guide to Black Desert Mobile
EVENTS 2020.01.10


Greetings Adventurers!


It’s time to give a helping hand to all of our new Adventurers following your footsteps!

Give a couple of sneak peeks into your treasure trove of knowledge and get rewarded for it as well!



■ Event Period

1/10 - 2/7. 23:59 (PST)


■ Event Details


 Go to  [Knowledge] - [Tips and Tricks] on our official forum[LINK] to write your very own Guide for Black Desert Mobile.
- You may use screenshots, pictures, and videos as desired.

- There are no restrictions in terms of what type of tips and tricks you wish to provide in your guide (e.g. Best way to level-up, Class-related tips, how to maximize CP gain, Knowledge gathering tips, Camp/Node War tips, etc.)
※ You must include [Black Desert Mobile Guide] in the title to be eligible for this event.

※ Any posts found to be in violation of our Operational Policy[LINK] will be removed without warning, and the account of the poster will automatically be disqualified from the event.


■ Rewards:


First Place Prize: Guru Award

※ One winner per region (America: 1, Europe: 1, Asia: 1)

- Tier 2 Pet Chest (Spiritbound) x1

- Combat Plus (14 Days) x1, Life Plus (14 Days) x1, Black Spirit Plus (14 Days) x1

- Fortune Scroll (4 Hours) x5

- Black Pearl x400

- Special Title


Runner-Up Prize: Budding Teacher Award

※ A total of 15 winners (regardless of region)

- Combat Plus (7 Days) x1, Life Plus (7 Days) x1, Black Spirit Plus (7 Days) x1

- Chicken Soup x10

- Black Pearl x 100

- Special Title


■ Event Winners/Results

The announcement will be made after the event period.



- You may freely choose the shape and form of your guide. 

- Thoroughly polishing your guide will increase your chance of being selected.

- Video guides must be at least 2 minutes long in order to be eligible.

- Entries that do not follow event rules, including submissions outside the event period, will not be eligible. 

- Your entry will be forfeited if the guide is removed during or after the event. Once forfeited, any received rewards may also be removed. 

- Please refrain from changing your Family name after entering the event. Your entry may become invalid if the Family name does not match when selecting the winners.

- Guides may be published externally without notice, however, platforms will be limited to our official channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


Thank you.