Announcement regarding an issue where Ah'krad is obtainable in Black Sun

Greetings, Adventurers.
This is the Black Desert Mobile service team.


We have found an issue where "Ah'krad" is obtainable during the Black Sun : Desert.
Ah'krad is an item that should not be obtainable by Adventurers at this moment because it is supposed to be revealed in a future update. However, Ah'krad is currently obtainable due to a bug.


Since this item should not be obtainable, we will remove all Ah'krads that were obtained during Black Sun as well as prevent any Ah'krads from appearing until the intended update is live. Allowing adventurers to keep this items would be unfair for those who did not obtain it through an unintended method.

Please wait until a future update to collect Ah'krads.


Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you,
Black Desert Mobile Service Team