Weekend Surprise Events!
EVENTS 2022.01.07

Greetings, Adventurers!


A special news to everyone!

Three amazing events with various rewards have been prepared for our Adventurers!

Be sure to log in to Black Desert Mobile, complete the GM Surprise Missions, receive the items from your [Mail] and enjoy 100% Hot Time throughout the weekend!


Let’s find out below:


📝 Event 1: GM Missions Event

📢 Event Period

January 8 (Saturday) - January 10 (Monday), 00:00 – 23:30 (Server Time)


🎁 Event Details and Rewards:


(Server Time)   



January 8 (Sat)  

Use Ancient Tablet x1,000 

Catch Fish x5 

Adventurer’s Enhanced Alchemy Stone x3 

100% Hot Time (3 Hours) x1 

January 9 (Sun)  

Collect Dark Coin x1000 

Forage x10 

Caphras Dust x30,000 

100% Hot Time (3 Hours) x1 

January 10 (Mon)  

Defeat Enemy x5000 

Catch Fish x10 

Boss Stamp x10,000 

100% Hot Time (3 Hours) x1 



📝 Event 2: 100% Hot Time!

📢 Event Period

January 8 (Saturday) - January 10 (Monday), 00:00 – 23:59 (Server Time)

- Receive 24-hour 100% Hot Time during the event period!



January 8, 00:00   

– January 10, 23:59 (Server Time)  

Increase Combat EXP, Drop Rate by 100% in Elion/Hadum/Chaos/Nightmare/Hidden Banquet 


📝 Event 3: Special Push Rewards

📢 Event Period

January 8 (Saturday) - January 10 (Monday), every 12:00 (Server Time)


🎁 Daily [Mail] Reward

- Firecracker

※ Firecracker can be used in [2022 New Year Bingo]

※ You cannot use Firecracker when 2022 New Year Bingo event ends.

- Mysterious Acorn Lv 0

* The item sent in [Mail] will expire in 24 hours from the day it was sent


※ Please note

- The event period and content are subject to change.


We hope you enjoy these 3 events that will boost your character in Black Desert Mobile!


Thank you!