Return of the Mysterious Acorn Daily Missions
EVENTS 2022.01.04

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Greetings, Adventurer!

How have you been getting along in the new year so far?


The adventurers' beloved Mysterious Acorn Daily Missions are making a return!


Defeat enemies and receive [Mysterious Acorn Lv 0], and use it to then receive a variety of rewards from [Box of True Love]!



📢 Event Period
After maintenance on Jan 4 (Tue) - until Jan 10 (Mon), 23:59


📢 Event Details
- Log in every day and receive [Mysterious Acorn Lv 0] through the daily missions and acquire various rewards!
※ Refer to the description for [Mysterious Acorn Lv 0] to decide if you want the guaranteed item, or want to try for the next level reward, which has a chance to give you even more rewards.
※ Open [Mysterious Acorn Lv 0] and receive either the next challenge chest or [Box of True Love].

Mysterious Acorn Lv 0
(You can select 1)
Item Quantity
Lv 1 Challenge Chest 1
Box of True Love 5
Mysterious Acorn Lv 1
(You can select 1)
Item Quantity
Lv 2 Challenge Chest 1
Box of True Love 11
Mysterious Acorn Lv 2
(You can select 1)
Item Quantity
Lv 3 Challenge Chest 1
Box of True Love 24
Mysterious Acorn Lv 3
(You can select 1)
Item Quantity
Lv 4 Challenge Chest 1
Box of True Love 51
Mysterious Acorn Final Level
Item Quantity
Box of True Love 108


Box of True Love
(Obtain one of the following at a certain rate upon opening the box.) 
Primal Unknown Glyph x1
Caphras Unidentified Secret Book x1
[Abyssal] Relic Chest x5
[Abyssal] Relic Chest x3
[Abyssal] Relic Chest x1
Primal Main Weapon Chest x1
Primal Sub-Weapon Chest x1
Primal Defense Gear Chest x1
Abyssal Gear Chest x1
Ancient Inscribed Glyph x1
Inscribed Glyph x1
Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest x5
Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest x3
Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest x1
[Mystical] Accessory Chest x1
Relic Fragment x20,000
Relic Fragment x10,000
Relic Fragment x5,000
Boss Stamp x10,000
Boss Stamp x400
Boss Stamp x100
Ancient Tablet x20,000
Ancient Tablet x1,000
Ancient Tablet x100
Magical Essence x100,000
Magical Essence x5,000
Magical Essence x1,000
Grand Black Stone Sack x30
Grand Black Stone Sack x12
Grand Black Stone Sack x7
Awakening / Ascension Skillbook Chest x3
Novice to Master Skillbook x10 Chest x500
Novice to Master Skillbook x10 Chest x250
Novice to Master Skillbook x10 Chest x100
Restoration Scroll x1,000
Restoration Scroll x500
Restoration Scroll x100
Valks' Pack x5
Valks' Pack x3
Valks' Pack x1
Shadow Knot x15
Artisan's Skein x1
[Abyssal] Crystal Chest x1
Horse Emblem: Tier 6 Chest x1
Alyaelli Fragment x80


📢 Event Tab Open Requirement
- Defeat [Boss] Cadry Gatekeeper in North Valencia


※ Please Note
- Daily missions refresh daily between 00:00 - 01:00.
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

Thank you.