2021 Black Desert Mobile: Calphe:ON Ball’s Scenery!

Greetings, Adventurers!


The most awaited CalpheON ball this December 12, 2021, 14:00 – 19:00 (GMT+9) has finally concluded!

Our deepest gratitude to all Adventurers who participated and showed their interest to CalpheON Ball.


To Adventurers whom we were unable to spend precious time with during the event,

We have taken images on the place of the event to share with everyone.


📣 Introducing the Scenery of [Black Desert Mobile: CalpheON Ball]    


▲ Rehearsal being held before meeting our Adventurers. 



▲ The Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim gives his presentation. 

Looking back from 2021 Black Desert Mobile, and sharing the future roadmap for year 2022.  


▲ The Head of Game Design, Ryan Kang starts his presentation. 

Discussing the upcoming improvements of PvP contents and plans for Black Desert Mobile.  


▲ The first introduction of the newest class, Eclipse including its combat showcase video. 

Adventurers will meet Eclipse after December 14 update. 


▲ Meeting Adventurers and live Q&A with them through ZOOM 


▲ Presenting Top Unique Adventurers! Which part did you find most interesting from our Adventurers? 


▲ Playing O/X Quiz with Adventurers from around the world! 


▲ Judging the artwork of CalpheON Ball’s Art Festival and Fashion Show! 

Our online audience gathered and casted their votes! 


▲ Chang-wook Kim, the Executive Head of Division announces a surprise present to all Adventurers as the event concluded. 



Feel the vibe of [Black Desert Mobile: CalpheON Ball] 


It was a meaningful and memorable time with all Adventurers worldwide. Your warm support made this event possible! 


We hope to be with you face-to-face on the upcoming Ball, 

And we, the Black Desert Moble Service team will always do our best to provide you a more fun adventure! 


Thank you.