CalpheON Ball Viewer Participation Event
EVENTS 2021.12.10

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Greetings Adventurers,

this is the Black Desert Mobile Service Team.


[Black Desert Mobile CalpheON Ball] will begin on Dec 12 (Sun) at 14:00, Korean time!

The Black Desert Mobile Service Team is also excitedly waiting for the day we meet our Adventurers online.

We have prepared a surprise event to make this special time a more enjoyable experience!


If you take a photo or screenshot and leave it on the Black Desert Mobile official forum, we will give you a present through a lottery!


[Forum Notice Board Link]


📣 Event Period

- At the beginning of the ball on Dec 12, 2021 (Sun) - until Dec 12 (Sun), 23:59


📣 Event Details

- Take a pic of yourself watching [Black Desert Mobile CalpheON Ball].
ㆍ If you are unable to watch the live broadcast, you can participate in the event by taking a pic of yourself watching our uploaded video.
- Please register the screenshot according to the form on the designated bulletin board.

- Among the adventurers who participated in the event, 30 people will be drawn and gifts will be given.



- Bulletin Board: Community Category ▶ Event Participation Bulletin Board [☞ CalpheON Ball Event Bulletin Board Link]
- Head: CalpheON Ball Certification event
※ If the form posted is incorrect, you may be excluded from the prize.

▶ [Black Desert Mobile CalpheON Ball] Go to Live Broadcast ◀


📣 Event Gift   
- CalpheON Ball Edition
* Goods Awarded: Black Desert Sweater, Black Desert Badge


CalpheON Ball Merchandise

CalpheON Ball Goods Components

- CalpheON Sweater

- Black Desert Badge


※ The Black Desert badge will be given as a badge that corresponds to the platform you selected when registering the coupon.
※ You can select the size of the CalpheON sweater when registering the coupon.

📣 Winners Announcement
- After Dec 15 (Wed)


❗ Please Note 
- You can participate in this event only once per person on the official forum.
- If you apply for the event by using inappropriate methods or stealing other people's posts, you may be disqualified from your win.
- Consent to the collection and use of personal information for sending gifts is required, and details will be announced when the winner is announced.
- The event gift is given once per individual. If duplicate participation is confirmed during the process of consenting to collection and use of personal information, product delivery may be cancelled.
- The event period, gift, and winner announcement dates are subject to change, and we will notify you through notice if any changes occur.
- This event complies with [Black Desert Mobile Operations Policy] and [Event Policy].



Thank you.