2nd Anniversary 3x3 Art Puzzle Event
EVENTS 2021.12.07

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Greetings, Adventurer!

To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Black Desert Mobile, a 3X3 Art Puzzle event will be held using pictures selected from the works of Adventurers around the world who participated in the CalpheON Ball Art Festival!


Complete puzzles everyday to obtain [Relic Fragment], [Lightstone Fragment], and [Dark Coin], and obtain [2nd Anniversary All-Inclusive Plus Chest] by reaching the final reward!

※ The works appearing in this event are unrelated to whether they have won the Calpheon Art Festival or not. The winners' works will be revealed on the day of Calpheon Ball.



📢 Event Period
After maintenance on Dec 7 (Tue) - until Dec 13 (Mon), 23:59


📢 Event Details
1) You can get up to 1 [Art Puzzle Key] per day from the event tab.
2) An [Art Puzzle Key] will be used when the game starts and the Art Puzzle will reset.
3) Press or swipe a puzzle piece to move it to an empty space.
4) You can press the [View] button to view the completed picture.
5) After you refresh the Art Puzzle, you can retry again after 15 seconds.


📢 Event Open Requirement
- None


※ Please Note
- After the event ends, [Art Puzzle Key] can be only deleted or sold to an NPC. Make sure to use them before the event ends!
- Art Puzzle Key will not be used when you retry.
- Your puzzle progress will remain intact even if the game application crashes.
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

Thank you.