[Community Event] Forum Tips & Tricks (Nov 23 - Dec 7)
EVENTS 2021.11.23


Greetings adventurers!


For the next two weeks, we will be running a forum event to help out new and returning BDM players.


Submission Period:
11/23 - 12/07 23:59 (GMT-8)
11/23 - 12/08 08:59 (GMT+1)
11/23 - 12/08 15:59 (GMT+8)


Rewards for Selected Winners:

Black Pearl x1,000

"Bookworm" In-Game Title


Every adventure who posts a guide or helpful tip on the Tips & Tricks section of our forum during the event period will get a chance at receiving a prize of 1000 black pearls, plus a special in-game Title!


Up to 20 of the tips posted within the event window will be picked by the GMs, and the adventurers whose tips get picked will each be receiving both event rewards.

Your tips may also be pinned to the top of the forum section for an undetermined amount of time, giving them a lot of visibility.


Thank you for your interest in helping your fellow adventurers, we can't wait to see the great tips you will be sharing this month!



Event Notes:

*Submissions that are not within the submission period will not qualify for the event.
*Include your Family Name and server in your submission. Failure to do so may disqualify you from the event.