(Black Desert Mobile: CalpheON Ball) Online Audience Registration (Updated)

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<Black Desert Mobile: CalpheON Ball> opens on Dec 12 (Sun), 2021!
<Black Desert Mobile: CalpheON Ball> with Black Desert Mobile Adventurers all around the world.
As this is an online ball, we would love nothing more than to have adventurers participate as the online audience.
We hope that Adventurers will join us for the CalpheON Ball!
A small gift will be given to the adventurers who were selected as audience members and participated.
We ask for the participation and support of as many adventurers as we can find!
Details on how to participate can be found below.
📣 <Black Desert Mobile: CalpheON Ball> Opening Day
- Dec 12 (Sun), 2021, 14:00 (KST)
※ In order to participate as a CalpheON Ball audience member, you will need a personal device and a Zoom account that can send video and audio.
※ If you are selected to be part of the online audience, your face and voice may be transmitted to the CalpheON Ball livestream.
※ During CalpheON Ball, there will be a set time for the online audience to ask questions directly.
We ask for your understanding that the opportunity to ask questions may not be available to everyone, depending on the time.

💡What is Zoom? It is an online video meeting program that allows you to have a face-to-face conversation with someone who is far away.
The CalpheON Ball will be divided into 2 parts. Part 1 will mainly consist of Black Desert Mobile
and Part 2 will be about having events with our Adventurers.
📣 Online Audience Registration Period
- Nov 22, 2021 until Nov 29, 23:59 (KST)
📣 Online Audience Registration Link
[Go to Online Audience Registration]
📣 Online Audience Results
- Dec 3, 2021(KST)
※ The audience will be selected among adventurers who applied from all over the world.

CalpheON Ball Goods Components

CalpheON Ball Goods Components

- CalpheON Sweater
- Black Desert Badge


※ You can select the size of the CalpheON t-shirt when entering the coupon code.

※ Last Updated: Nov 23 (GMT-8)


※ Please Note
- When participating in <Black Desert Mobile: CalpheON Ball>, part of the participant's face and body may be exposed in reviews in Public Relations or on the official website. In the application process, consent is obtained for the use of portrait rights.
- When <Black Desert Mobile: Calpheon Ball> Part 1 begins, only adventurers selected to be part of the audience can enter, and if an uninvited third party enters, they will be forced to leave and will not be able to enter again once kicked out.
- Adventurers selected as an online audience member for <Black Desert Mobile: CalpheON Ball> can re-enter if they leave the Zoom meeting room during the ball.
- The <Black Desert Mobile: CalpheON Ball> audience can participate using Zoom, and details on how to participate will be announced through a separate e-mail, with the announcement of the selected audience members to follow soon after.
- To help us ensure all Adventurers have a fair opportunity to participate, please contact Customer Support in advance, and not on the day of the event, if you are unable to participate due to unavoidable circumstances.
- Selected audience members will be announced through the official forum and in-game mail on December 3, 2021 (Friday) after the recruitment period ends. The selected audience schedule is subject to change depending on internal circumstances.
- You can check the detailed schedule of online audience registration for <Black Desert Mobile 2021: CalpheON Ball> in the official forum.
- Only one submission per Family is allowed, and in the case of duplicate submissions, only the last submitted entry will be considered for application.
- Content that contains profanity, slander, etc., or is not related to Black Desert Mobile, may be excluded from the application.

Thank you.