[Black Desert Mobile Guide] Family Name & My Info
GUIDES 2019.11.08


When you start your adventure in Black Desert Mobile, you will, of course, have to know about yourself in order to overcome various obstacles.
The Family Name is a name that represents yourself in front of all the Adventurers in Black Desert Mobile. This will be your unique identity; you will have to use the same name in every server within the same region so choose carefully! 
You can check the general information of your character by accessing the [My Info] tab. Starting from basic information such as your Family/Character Name, CP to in-depth information such as your bonus stat effects, everything related to your character can be seen in [My Info].



Table of Content

1) How to Make a Family Name

2) Family Name & Character Name

3) Changing Your Family Name

4) My Info



1) How to Make a Family Name

The first step in Black Desert Mobile is to make a [Family Name]. 

Your family name cannot be duplicated and will represent the characters created for your account for each server within the same region.



※ Important

- Your Family Name must be between 2-12 characters and can include your chosen language and numbers. You will not be able to create a Family Name that contains more than one language.

- Although your Family Name will be shared through all servers within the same region, you cannot move characters to a different server. 

- Family Names that do not follow our naming policy will be arbitrarily changed. 

- You can check our naming policy in [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policy].



2) Family Name & Character Name

You can also give your character a [Character Name] which is different from your Family Name. 

However, please note that your Family Name will be exposed inside the game. 





3) Changing Your Family Name

If you wish to change your Family Name, you will need to purchase a [Family Name Change Coupon]. 

It can be purchased in ‘Pearl Shop>Misc.>Etc.’. The coupon will be stored in your Pearl Inventory. 

※ Important

- Once you use your [Family Name Change Coupon] to change your Family name, the change will be implemented after our next scheduled maintenance. 

- Your previous Family Name can be reused after 30 days from the date you’ve used your [Family Name Change Coupon].  

- The same rule applies to when changing your Character Name. 



4) My Info

[My Info] button will appear by pressing the main menu placed on your top right, which is next to your [Notification] tab that is shaped like a bell.


On the [My Info] screen, you can see both your Character and Family Name. You can also see all of the stats attributed to your character.



- Detailed Info

Press the arrow or swipe to check out more in-depth details of your character.

You can see various stats that might affect combat as well as the growth of your character in the "Detailed Info" section.



- Branch Damage

Branch Damage gained through equipping crystals and enchanting gears can also be seen in the “Detailed Info” section. 



- Bonus Effects

In the next section, you can check bonus effects granted by additional factors such as Lightstones, Crystals, and Pets.



- Additional Raid Entrance

You can check to see if you have an additional number of available entries for World Boss Raids in the last section.



“Item details” can be seen by pressing on the items you’ve equipped.



- My Information

On the right, you can see the statistics of the Guild you are currently in.

Also, you can check other essential information such as Daily Tasks, Camp, and Life Skills.



- Title

The list of Titles that you have acquired during your journey can be seen on the [Titles] tab.

Apply different Titles to show off your prowess!



- Check CP

If you want to see more details on your Combat Power(CP), press the [Check CP] button. 

Try building up your own strategy to get stronger!