[Nov 2021] Known Issues (Updated)


Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: Nov 25 (GMT-8)


Common Issues

■ Great Ocean
- An issue where World Boss 'Khan' attacks push Adventurers even upon mounting on a 'Cannon' (Updated on Nov 22).

■ UI
- An issue when pressing the 'Enchant' tool tip from Magical Residue or Magical Essence does not function properly (Updated on Nov 18).

- An issue where restoration pop-up UI is displayed occasionally even when enhancement for primal grade gear achieves higher CP (Updated on Nov 18).
※ Please note that the restoration UI will not restore enhancements to lower CP value.

- An issue where three CP stat categories are displayed for 'Mystical Outfit' (Updated on Nov 17).
※ Please note that the regular two CP categories are the ones applied.

- An issue where a certain skill icon is missing during Awakening/Ascension transformation (Updated on Nov 11).
- An issue where a pop-up notification appears in Korean when pressing 'Cancel' button while enhancing a locked equipment in [Enchant Gear] window (Updated on Aug 18).
  ※This issue is for all languages - An issue where registered name of pets do not remain after pet exchange
- An issue where Amplified Damage descriptions of certain class skills are incorrectly displayed. (Updated on Sep 30)

- An issue where result UI of failed Hadum World Boss clear attempt is incorrectly displayed while having not enough Holy Vials of Light. (Updated on Nov 14)
- An issue where registered name of pets do not remain after pet exchange (Updated on Nov 17)

■ Weapon
- The order of weapons from Blacksmith > Gear Awakening/Exchange is different for certain classes
※ There is currently no issue, but improvements will be made for the Weapon Exchange (Updated on Nov 11).

■ Pet
- An issue where 'Take Out' function for an unlocked Pet for the registry to an empty third Pet Slot after locking the pet does not save properly in Pet Preset (Updated on Sep 6).
※ This issue can be solved by locking Pet first and using the 'Take Out' function.


- An issue where UI of Exchange Stack by Tier is displayed incorrectly when Pet Exchange is successful under [Menu] > [Pets] > [Exchange]
ㆍExchange Stack by Tier is correctly displayed before attempting to exchange (Updated on Sep 7).

■ Class
- An issue where 'Flow: Frostbite March' Super Armor applied to the back occasionally does not activate in mass battle or Battle of the Sun for Nova (Updated on Nov 29).

- An issue where 'Glacial Burst' and 'Frenzied Bishop' skill 'Assault' activate Front Guard instead of Super Armor for Nova (Updated on Nov 29).

- An issue where 'Quoratum Charge' does not have a cooltime after using 'Assault' for Nova (Updated on Nov 23).

- An issue where 'Giant's Roar' applies Super Armor for Titan (Updated on Nov 22).

- An issue where description for 'Piercing Darkness' is displayed as 'Increases damage against monsters by 15%'.
※ The actual 'damage against monsters' is 20% (Updated on Nov 22)

- An issue where Teleport occasionally does not activate after using 'Nightmare' for Reaper (Updated on Nov 15).
- An issue where game screen stays locked after using 'Dark Cleave' for Phantasma (Updated on Oct 31).
- An issue where skill button UI of 'Phantom Crash' and 'Dark Shift' does not change its color for additional usage
(Updated on Aug 11)
- An issure where [Thunder] buff icon of Invoker is not displayed. (Updated on Sept 29)
- An issue where Invoker is moving incorrectly after using Lightning Speed. (Updated on Sept 30)
- [Invoker] An issue where the description of Invoker's skill 'Power Surge' is incorrectly displayed. (Updated on Oct 13)
※ This skill does not apply the 'Daze' effect and the description will be fixed after the 10/19 maintenance.


■ System

- An issue where Combat Plus exempts the CP requirement for Ohm Temple (I,II, and III) from Great Desert. (Updated on May 24)

- An issue where characters are occasionally stuck and unable to move on the stairs in [Path of Glory]. (Updated on May 6)
· Re-arranging the class using [Change Formation] button will fix this issue.
- An issue where damage for pvp contents such as [Ramoness], [Battle of the Sun], [Ranked Arena] are miscalculated.
※ We are currently investigating this issue and will follow-up on the cause and details for this issue.

- An issue where 'Item Link' is shown abnormally in chat window (Updated on Aug 18)

- An issue where certain items cannot be registered when using [Auto-Register] under [Menu] > [Collection]. (Updated on Sep 7)
- An issue where notification for Collection does not appear when certain items are available to register. (Updated on Sep 7)

- An issue where the permissions for Black Desert Mobile are not displayed on [Settings] > [Account] > [Permissions] if there was no pop-up notification entering the game for the first time.
ㆍThis merely is a UI issue, so the permissions are working correctly.

- An issue where base CP decreases based on the gained CP from Siege Border's Ogre after Siege War ends (Updated on Oct 11)
※ This issue can be resolved by restarting the game client

- An issue where character is not able to complete gathering candies during 'Talish's Candy Parade' Event (Updated on Oct 29).
ㆍ Issue can be solved by calling a horse or pressing NPC button on minimap list

■ Outfit
- An issue where Kibelius weapon outfit occasionally displays an empty space in the arm area upon wearing a different outfit (Updated on Sep 17).

- An issue where AP and DP (Outfit) Stats are incorrectly displayed after Outfit Upgrade (Updated on Oct 20)

ㆍActual AP and DP Stats can be found after the outfit is equipped

■ Battlefield of the Sun
- An issue where the character ocassionally falls under the field (Updated on Nov 25)
- An issue where commanders ocassionally fall under the field and becomes invulnerable from any attack (Updated on Nov 25)

[1th Week of November ]

- An issue where "You cannot change to the same name" UI is occasionally displayed after changing skills of Petscended pets
- An issue where expired mails are not automatically removed
- An issue where Branch Info in Lightstone Equip/Fuse is incorrectly displayed
- An issue where Titan's skill 'Giant's Roar' displays a different value between UI display and skill description.