Sage, the Last Ancient – Customization Event
EVENTS 2021.11.02

Greetings, Adventurers!


CM Benjamin here to announce Sage Pre-creation CM Event!


New Class: Sage Precreation is available from November 2, 2021!

It’s time to show off your awesome customization skills and share your Sage with other Adventurers!


Let’s find out more information below:  



📢 Event Period  

Until November 8, 23:59 (GMT-8)  


🌟 Winners  

10 winners for each region (America, Asia, Europe)  

Winners will be announced during the third week of November.  

(Your SNS post must remain “Public” until the third week of November) 


🎁 Event Rewards  

  • Black Pearl x1,500 
  • Appearance Coupon: 7 Days x1 


📢 How to Participate  

1) Log-in to Black Desert Mobile.   

  • In [Character Creation], select Sage, and customize your character’s appearance. 
  • Take a screenshot and post it on your Facebook or Instagram with the following 3 hashtags. Please include all three hashtags.  

   (#BlackDesertMobile #Sage #LastAncient)  


- The post must include your Family Name, Region, and Server.

- You must include at least one screenshot with your Family Name displayed to prove the authenticity of your work.

- Please make sure that your post is set to [Public].

- Private posts will not be considered for eligibility in the event.



📢 Sample Post 


※ Please Note

-Rewards may be changed or altered, including their relative value, depending on service operations.

- Rewards may be delayed depending on service operations.

- Please visit our Customer Support regarding event inquiries.

- Each person can participate once in this event.

- If you try to participate in the event multiple times, only the first submission will be acknowledged.

- Please note that participating in the event will be an automatic agreement that the work submitted may be used on the Black Desert Mobile Official Website, Facebook, and other social media platforms such as Youtube, and for marketing or public relation purposes.

- Submitted work can freely be used on Black Desert Mobile and related content for promotional purposes. Please note that any alteration can also be made if deemed necessary.

- Adventurers can be disqualified from the event or have their reward removed in the following instances:

1) Using unfair methods to participate in the event or using another Adventurer's work.

2) If you change your Family during the period when the announcement was made and rewards were sent out.

3) If you were blocked or otherwise violated Operations Policies during the event period or reward period.

4) If the posted work is offensive to others or includes a theme that is not socially appropriate (and will then be immediately removed.)

- The event period and content are subject to change.


Thank you.