New Class Sage: Crossword Puzzle Event! (Updated)
EVENTS 2021.10.18

Greetings Adventurers!


CM Benjamin is here to announce...


New Class Sage: Crossword Puzzle Event!


📢 Event Details:

Use the hints from the table below to fill out the blank boxes.



1. World _ _ _ _ Khan is the Master of the Great Ocean. 

1. The _ _ _ _ _ of a Chaos Jewel is blue.  

The _ _ _ _ _ of a Stamina Potion is green. 

2. _ _ _ _ _ is the village NPC that sells Alyaelli's Fragment. 

2. New Class _ _ _ _ is the Savior Awakened from Eternal Slumber 


📢 [Survey Link] 



🎁 Event Objectives and Rewards: 



Reach 50 Correct Responses from Adventurers 

Appearance Coupon (7 Days) 

Reach 70 Correct Responses from Adventurers 

1x Encarotia’s Palette Selection Chest I 

1x Encarotia’s Palette Selection Chest II 

Reach 100 Correct Responses from Adventurers 

3x Large Stamina Potion 

Reach 200 Correct Responses from Adventurers 

1x Sage Weapon Outfit (Epic) 

Reach 300 Correct Responses from Adventurers 

1x Sage Armor Outfit (Epic) 

*All rewards will be rewarded if we reach the highest correct responses from Adventurers!



📢 Event Period: Survey Link Open Until
10/25, 06:30 (GMT-8)
10/25, 15:30 (GMT+1)
10/25, 22:30 (GMT+8)



📢 Event Details
- Reward will be sent to all eligible Adventurers (account created before the reward announcement is made). Please make sure to claim the reward from the in-game mail.

- This announcement is the reward announcement, so rewards have been sent to all Adventurers' accounts created before this announcement was made. (Updated on Nov 10)

- Reward will be sent on November 9, 2021, after maintenance.

- The event period and conditions are subject to change.