[September 14] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.09.14

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the September 14 update (Tue) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ New Class: Mystic

Developer’s Comment:

Mystic has joined the adventures of Black Desert Mobile! 

She wields a Cestus imbued with the power of the Blue Dragon and wears her enemies down with consecutive attacks. 

Begin a new journey with the new family member, Mystic! 


■ East Valencia
- Added new quests, titles, and knowledge related to East Valencia.
- In East Valencia, you can obtain Chaos Core, Chaos Jewel, and Unidentified Shaman's Orb at the same rate as in Cantusa Outlaw Zone, the previous Frontline Zone.
- Damage dealt to monsters will decrease based on the character CP and suggested CP gap, when characters below the suggested CP enter East Valencia.
- Added the item [Root of Sorcery] which can be obtained in all parts of East Valencia.
· Root of Sorcery can be obtained at a higher rate in Frontline Zone/Secondary Zone.
· Root of Sorcery can be used after a future update.


■ Frontline, Secondary Zone
- As a new zone was discovered, Frontline and Secondary Zone have changed.
· Elion/Hadum Frontline Zone: Pila Ku Torture Chamber
· Elion/Hadum Secondary Zone: Pila Ku Laboring Grounds
· The rewards that can be obtained from the Hidden Banquet Hall have changed as the Frontline Zone has changed.
- In the Frontline and Secondary Zone, monster's stats change according to the CP of all Adventurers, and it has been adjusted to be set to a lower CP than the existing Frontline and Secondary Zone.
- The recommended CP of the Cantusa Outlaw Zone and Cantusa Wasteland has been changed as below with the change of Frontline Zone and Secondary Zone.
· Cantusa Outlaw Zone: Recommended CP 23,500
· Cantusa Wasteland: Recommended CP 22,500
- In Cantusa Outlaw Zone and Cantusa Wasteland, you can obtain the Chaos Core, Chaos Jewel, and Unidentified Shaman's Orb with the same probability as before.


■ New Boss: Gavelle

- Added new Boss "Gavelle" who appears in the new region.
· Gavelle will be available in Boss Rush after Boss: Gavelle Mission is completed.
- DP can be increased upon acquiring Gavelle's Boss Knowledge.


■ New Treasure: Moretti Bag

- A new treasure, Moretti Bag, has been added to Orzeca's Garden.
· If you use a Moretti Bag, you can recover 100 Fullness points of your pet, and it can be used repeatedly.
· If Auto-Feed is applied while holding a Moretti Bag, Poor Feed is not used and pets are fed until full.


■ New Hairstyle

- 3 new hairsytles have been added for female characters.
- 6 new hairsytles have been added for male characters.


Developer's Comment:

Let's talk about classes that have been nerfed first.

After the last Hero of Karkea Event, we shared the win rate of each class with Adventurers.
Even when CP was equalized under the same conditions, statistics showed that Corsair, Berserker, Phantasma, and Blade Master classes were too strong.
There were many players who have chosen these classes, and it was confirmed that their PvP performance was high in the internal performance index.

We have also considered increasing other classes PvP performance, but we were concerned that battles would be decided by one attack.

This did not align with our ideals for PvP mode, so we have decided to downgrade the PvP performance of the classes mentioned above.


■ Berserker

- Berserker's Charge
· Increased skill cooldown by 3 sec. (8 sec → 11 sec)
- Unleash
· Adjusted the reduce cooldown effect from 0.5 sec to 0.3 sec when using skill (0.5 sec → 0.3 sec)
- Off-Kilter
· Fixed an issue where cooldown reduction was applied when Off-Kilter was used without the Unleash state being active.
- Unleash
· Increase Damage to other Adventurers effect has reduced by 4%. (11% → 7%)


■ Phantasma

- Umbral Pillars
· "Stealth for 3 seconds" effect has been deleted in [Night Shroud] skill.

- Scattering Darkness
· Increased the distance at which monsters are pushed back when getting hit by the Specter Sword.

- Pneumatic Burst
· Skill PvP damage has been reduced.

· PvP
· Lv 1: 334.4% x 3 Max 2 hits → 271.7% x 3 Max 2 hits
· Lv 10: 510.4% x 3 Max 2 hits → 414.7% x 3 Max 2 hits

- Supernova
· Skill PvP damage has been reduced.

· PvP
· Lv 1: 1361.25% → 1237.5%
· Lv 10: 1670.62% → 1518.75%


■ Corsair

- Riding Waves
· Modified Super Armor effect of [Flow: Parting Waters] so that it does not apply in the Arena.
※ Super Armor is applied in the Arena only when [Flow: Parting Waters] is not applied.


■ Blade Master

- Resonant Blade
· Critical Hit Damage has been changed to decrease by 20% when Crit Chance is increased by 70%.


■ Lupa

- Mount Heilang
· You can use Hot Spot, Lupine Pounce, Divine Roar, Beck and Call skills after Mount
· Applies 200% of PvE skill damage
· Applies 150% of PvE skill damage
· Applies "Heilang's Roar" effect while mounted

· Added effect 'invincible while mounted and dismounting'.
· "Super Armor while mounted" effect added. (Not applied when entering Arena)
· Mount time has been changed to apply 12 seconds when entering Arena.
· Added enhanced skill that allows you to choose to mount Heilang.


- Mount Heilang
· Mount Heilang when skill ON is applied
· Unmounts Heilang (Heilang's Roar effect applied) when skill OFF is applied


· [Heilang's Roar] (Passive Skill)
· Applies reduce damage from other Adventurers to allies by 10% for 30 seconds (additional 20% for self).
· Applies Increase AP and DP of self and allies by 20.

· Fixes have been made so that back evasion skill can be used while mounting Heilang.
· When using a basic attack while evading, Heilang can charge the target, inflicting damage and stunning it.


- Summon Heilang (Passive Skill)
· Heilang can catch enemies upon using [Maul].
· "Gravity Bolt" skill can be used with Lupa.
· It has been changed so that Heilang can appear to use [Gravity Bolt] skill when Lupa is in Knockdown, Knock-up, Bound state. (Not applied when entering Arena)


- Dark Spire
· Fixes have been made so that the skill can be used once more while holding the skill button.
· It has been changed so that the Super Armor effect is applied in the Arena.
· Daze on last hit
· Cooldown time has increased by 1 second. (5 sec > 6 sec)


- Gravity Bolt
· The Super Armor effect has been moved to the [Dark Spire] skill when entering Arena.
· Fixes have been made so that Lupa and Heilang can use [Gravity Bolt] at the same time upon using skill.
※ Lupa and Heilang use [Gravity Bolt] skill at their respective locations.
· After using the skill, even if you do not hold the skill button, thunderbolt remains in place to attack.
· When skill button is hold, the maximum number of hits is applied.


· [Heilang: Gravity Bolt]
· Applies 50% of Gravity Bolt skill damage


- Compaction
· Increased skill attack speed of skill.
· [Flow: Thunderbolt] has been added.


· [Flow: Thunderbolt]
· Applies 150% of [Compaction] skill damage
· Knockback on successful hit


- Lupine Pounce
· Fixes have been made so that [Lupine Pounce] skill can be maintained even when not holding skill button.
· Fixes have been made so that other skill can be used while using the [Lupine Pounce] skill.

· Changed "Super Armor" effect to "Invincible upon skill use" when using Invincibility after first leap skill. (Not applied in Lupine Pounce when mounting Heilang.)


- Divine Roar
· "Enhancement: Increase Range" effect is applied as default and [Flow: Claws of Rage] skill has been added.


· [Flow: Claws of Rage]
· Applies 100% skill damage of [Divine Roar]
· Super Armor upon using skill
· Knockdown on successful hit
· Beck and Call skill can be used rapidly after using [Flow: Claws of Rage].


- Maul
· Super Armor (not applied when entering Arena) effect has been added while using skill.
· Cooldown time has increased 6 seconds. (8 sec → 14 sec)
· Fixes have been made so that target can be defeated by commanding Heilang when using skill.


- Hot Spot
· "Enhancement: Extra Charge" effect is applied as default and it has been changed to "Enhancement: Increase Range".


- Beck and Call
· Fixes have been made so that other skills can be used quickly after using a skill.
· Increased the attack speed of skills.
· [Heilang: Beck and Call] consecutive attack has been added.
※ When using Beck and Call skill, the summoned Heilang teleports forward and uses Beck and Call skill


· Heilang: Beck and Call
· Applies 66% of Beck and Call PvE damage
· Applies 50% of Beck and Call PvE damage
· Not applied when entering Arena


■ Titan

Developer's Comment:


It was difficult to realize Titan's potential since activating "Therianthropy" could be difficult.

Titan’s general combat efficiency has been improved by reducing the activating condition of Therianthropy to using 3 skills and upgrading skill damage that seemed a bit lacking compared to DP.

PvP Damage received on grab has been reduced by 50% to increase grab's usability. 

- Therianthropy
· [Therianthropy] activates when using skills 3 times.
· When [Flow: Instinct Revealed] of [Therianthropy] is OFF, the appearance is maintained and Therianthropy is applied. (The previous action with an axe will be replaced with the action of "Therianthropy".)


- Falling Rock
· It has been changed so that changing direction in the air is possible when using the [Flow: Instill Fear] skill.


- Fearsome Tyrant
· PvE, PvP skill damage have been adjusted.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 462% → 520%
· Lv 10: 600.6% → 676%


· PvP
· Lv 1: 392.7% → 426.4%
· Lv 10: 510.51% → 554.32%


- Frenzied Destroyer
· PvE, PvP skill damage has been adjusted.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 429% → 520%
· Lv 10: 557.7% → 676%


· PvP
· Lv 1: 300.3% → 364%
· Lv 10: 390.39% → 473.2%


- Raging Thunder
· PvE, PvP skill damage have been adjusted.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 520% → 580%
· Lv 10: 676% → 754%


· PvP
· Lv 1: 390% → 435%
· Lv 10: 507% → 565.5%


- Piledriver
· Reduce damage from Adventurer by 50% for 3 sec on successful grab.

Developer's Comment:

Next, we will tell you about the classes that have newly added passive skills.
In the case of classes that have recently undergone a class balance, we have added passive skills they did not have before.
This was done to give each class a unique play style and concept.
In this class balance, new passive skills have been added to Lotus, Huntress and Void Knight classes.
As passive skills are added, we hope that it will be more efficient than before.
We will be keeping an eye on how the changes perform in various combat situations.

Lotus deals less damage compared to the time consumed by the attack with skill combos,
and the lack of defensive capabilities made them poorly effective in combat on large battlefields.
To improve this, "Flower's Remaining Scent" passive skill has been added.

"Flower's Remaining Scent" is an effect that makes you immune to stun when running, and increases stability when entering or leaving the frontline.
Also, the damage dealt to adventurers and monsters increases when skills are used 3 times,
and when attacked, the skill damage is additionally increased to compensate for a lack of damage. In addition, the amount of damage received from adventurers has been reduced to improve combat capability.

For Huntress, the "Blessing of the Wind" passive skill has been added to improve combat efficiency, which was low due to insufficient damage.
The effect of "Blessing of Wind" is activated when the skill is used once, and when the following skill is used, an additional arrow is fired.
Also, we improved combat efficiency and stability at the same time by improving actions that cause damage, such as pushing backwards after using existing techniques.

Void Knight can cause a lot of damage at once, but she lacks in defense and combo capabilities.
"Enchanting Frenzy" passive skill compensates for the lack of defense by reducing the amount of damage received from adventurers when attacked.
If an additional effect is activated by consuming magic power, enhanced skill effects that use magic power will be strengthened.
And to improve the lack of skill combos, a knockback effect was added to "Eclipse" and changed to fire additional Shadow Flares in the Dark Mist state.

■ Lotus

- [Flower's Remaining Scent] passive skill has been added.


· Flower's Remaining Scent
· Applied basic effect to Flower's Remaining Scent skill
· Increases skill damage by 10% for 3 seconds when attacked every 5 seconds
· Immune to stun effects when running
· When using the skill 3 times, Flower's Remaining Scent effect is applied for 15 seconds


· [Flower's Remaining Scent]
· Increases PvP damage by 10%
· Reduces received PvP damage by 10%
· Increases Damage to monsters by 15%
· Additional attack when holding the [Crescendo] skill button
· Increase [Crescendo] skill damage by 10%


- Chaos

· [Flow: Vibrant Petals]
· Skill's action has been changed.
· It has changed from 5 hits → 7 hits.
· Increased the frequency of use of [Flow: Vibrant Petals] skill during Auto-Combat.


- Wind Slicer
· Increased the attack speed of skills.
· Fixes have been made so that consecutive attacks can be performed while holding the skill button.
· "Consecutive attack"
· Apply 50% of the damage of [Wind Slicer]


- Flash Step
· Increased the skill's PvE and PvP damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 437% Max 6 hits → 525% Max 6 hits
· Lv 10: 568.1% Max 6 hits → 682.5% Max 6 hits


· PvP
· Lv 1: 327.75% Max 6 hits → 357% Max 6 hits
· Lv 10: 426.07% Max 6 hits → 464.1% Max 6 hits


· Increased the movement distance of [Flow: Secret Sword].


■ Huntress
- [Blessing of the Wind] passive skill has been added.
- Fixes have been made so that other skills can be used more quickly after evasion.

- Blessing of the Wind
· [Blessing of Wind] state applied when using a skill once or using an evasion skill


· Blessing of the Wind
· Fires 1 additional arrow when using [Razor Wind], [Flurry of Arrows], [Blasting Gust], [Spinning Shot], and [Descending Current].
· Deals Additional arrow damage equal to 20% of each skill's respective damage
· [Blessing of the Wind] status disabled when firing additional arrows


- Flurry of Arrows
· [Flow: Flurry of Arrows] has been added.
· Activated when the skill button is held after using [Flurry of Arrows] skill.

· Flow: Flurry of Arrows
· Piercing Attack
· Applies 50% of [Flurry of Arrows] damage
· Super Armor while using skill (Not applied when entering Arena)
· Knockdown on successful hit


- Evasive Explosion Shot
· [Flow: Retaliate] skill is applied as default, and [Flow: Air Attack] skill has been added.

· Flow: Air Attack
· Apply 400% of [Evasive Explosion Shot] hit damage
· Immune while jumping
· Knockdown on successful hit


- Descending Current
· Changed the visual effect of the skill and improved it to continuously deal damage to the attack area.

· Arrow Covering the Sky
· Applies 15% x4 of [Descending Current] damage
· Applies 5% x4 of [Descending Current] PvP damage


■ Void Knight
- Added [Enchanting Frenzy] passive skill.
· Enchanting Frenzy
· [Enchanting Frenzy] basic effect
· Applies reduces damage from other Adventurers by 50% for 3 seconds on hit every 15 seconds
· Apply [Enchanting Frenzy] when using 100 Magic for 10 sec

· Enchanting Frenzy
· Magic Recovery 100%
· Reduce Magic Consumption to 0

· Applies 300% of Magic Activation effect
· [Cross Slash]: Increase AP enhancement effect by 75%
· [Fury of Kamasylvia]: 3 hits added to Fury of Kamasylvia
· [Obsidian Ashes]: Burn 450 damage per second for 3 seconds
· [Legacy of the Vedir]: Increase DP Enhancement effect by 75%


- Eclipse
· Fixes have been made so that you can attack enemies after moving when using skills.
· Changed the "Knockdown on successful hit" effect to "Knockback on successful hit' effect.
· "Increase enhancement range" effect has been applied as default and it has been changed to "Additional Magic Recovery".

· "Additional Magic Recovery"
· Recover 12 MP on successful hit


- Legacy of the Vedir
· "Enhancement: Cooldown Reduction Effect" is applied as default and [Flow: Vedir's Wailing] has been added.


· Flow: Vedir's Wailing
· Applies 100% of Legacy of the Vedir skill damage
· Super Armor while using skill (Not applied when entering Arena)
· Knock-up on hit


- Dark Mist
· Improved the ability to attack by firing Shadow Flare when using skill.


· Shadow Flare Damage

· PvE
· Lv 1: 195%
· Lv 10: 253.5%

· PvP
· Lv 1: 136.5%
· Lv 10: 177.45%


Classes without new passive skills have relatively low combat efficiency.
Due to the difference in performance, adventurers sometimes had a hard time choosing a class.
However, since it is not possible to add passive skills of all classes at once, we want to reduce the gap between classes by raising the PvE performance of classes that have been delayed in adding passive skills.

We ask for your understanding in that it will take some time to prepare the passive skills for all classes, though we will keep moving forward.
We'll do our best to show you all classes' passive skills as quickly as possible.

■ Sura
- Shadow Break
· Fixes have been made so that when the first attack is successful, the subsequent 3 hits are applied over time.
· Fixes have been made so that other skills can be used after the first attack. (Can move after the attack is over.)
· "Cannot be grabbed effect" while using skill has been added.
· Improved Shadow Break so that it can be used once more while holding the skill button.


- Afterimage
· Fixes have been made so that when the first attack succeeds in [Flow: Shadow Fang], the subsequent 3 hits are applied over time.
· Improved to allow using other skill after [Flow: Shadow Fang] first attack.
※ Can be moved after the attack is over.


- Twin Fang
· Increased the movement distance of skills.

- Shadow Cloak
※ Skill action has been improved so that stealth can be applied quickly.


■ Grandmaster
- Perseverance
· Perseverance skill icon has been changed.
· Changed the 10% damage reduction effect from adventurers to a 30% reduction effect for 2 seconds when immobilized. (Skill duration resets every time when immobilized.)
· Skill damage effect has been increased from 25% → 35%.


- Shoulder Thrust
· [Flow: Whirlwind Kick]'s action has been changed and its name changed to [Flow: Whirlwind].

· Flow: Whirlwind
· Applies same skill damage as Shoulder Thrust
· Applies 150% damage upon successful [Shoulder Thrust] attack
· Forward Guard when using skill
· Super Armor applied to the back while using skill (Not applied when entering Arena)
· Knockback on successful hit


- Hell Sweep
· Skill has been changed.
· Changed Bound effect to Knock-up effect on successful hit.
· Fixes have been made so that the next skill can be used quickly after using [Flow: Super Energy Blast].


- Spiral Cannon
· [Flow: Propel] has been changed so that it is applied even if it is not followed with the evasion skill.


■ Destroyer
- Added icon for passive skill [Overheat] and changed its activation conditions.


- Overheat
· Applies [Overheat] when using skill 3 times.


- Slugfest
· Improved the skill so that when Overheat is activated even during [Flow: Explostrike], HP Recovery applies.

- Funeral Blast
· Removed the increase damage by 30% during [Overheat] and changed to shoot additional Cannon Shell with projectile speed.


- Cannon Shell Damage
· Applies the same damage as [Funeral Blast].


- Flame Buster
· When used during [Overheat] removed the consecutive shooting effect and changed to shoot additional Canon Shell with projectile speed.


- Cannon Shell Damage
· 'Applies the same damage as [Flame Buster].


- To the Grave
· Added 'Increase Attack Speed' effect during [Overheat].
· Fixed the issue where [To the Grave] skill was automatically used after using [Hellraiser].


- Fire Bomb
· Improved the skill so it can be used twice consecutively.
· When used consecutively applies 2 stacks for Overheat.


- Tectonic Rift
· Increased skill's attack speed.


- Carnal Rage
· Activates Overheat upon skill use.


■ Raven
- Implosion
· Increased the skills basic movement range. (using shards can further increase it.)

· Increased skill's PvE and PvP damage.

· PvE
· Lv 1 : 519.4% x3 > 530% x3
· Lv 10 : 675.22% x3 > 689% x3

· PvP
· Lv 1 : 431.1% x3 > 439.9% x3
· Lv 10 : 560.43% x3 > 571.87% x3


- Wrath of Chaos
· Increased skill's PvE and PvP damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1 : 742% x2 > 860% x2
· Lv 10 : 964.6%x2 > 1118% x2

· PvP
· Lv 1 : 667.8% x2 > 722.4% x2
· Lv 10 : 868.14% x2 > 939.12% x2


- Soul Siphon
· Increased skill's attack speed.
· Increased skill's PvE and PvP damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1 : 463.22% x3 > 520% x3
· Lv 10 : 602.18% x3 > 676% x3


· PvP
· Lv 1 : 393.73% x3 > 442% x3
· Lv 10 : 511.85% x3 > 574.6% x3


- Miasma
· Increased skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1 : 332.31% x3 > 393.5% x3
· Lv 10 : 432% x3 > 511.55% x3


- Doom Vortex
· Increased skill's PvE and PvP damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1 : 396.44% x4 > 440% x4
· Lv 10 : 523.3% x4 > 580.8% x4


· PvP
· Lv 1 : 356.79% x4 > 396% x4
· Lv 10 : 470.97% x4 > 522.72% x4


- Flashbang
· Increased skill's PvE and PvP damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1 : 954% > 1200%
· Lv 10 : 1240.2% > 1800%

· PvP
· Lv 1: 858.6% → 960%
· Lv 10: 1116.18% → 1440%


- Phantom Crash
· Increased skill's PvE and PvP damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1 : 318% x2 > 420% x2
· Lv 10 : 413.4% x2 > 546% x2


· PvP
· Lv 1 : 222.6% x2 > 294% x2
· Lv 10 : 289.38% x2 > 382.2% x2


■ Shai
- Musical Genius
· Increased the [Flow: Here We Go!] skill enhancement effect from 50% to 70%.
· Improved the [Flow: Feel the Music!] HP recovery effect from 30% to 40%.


- La La La!
· Increased the [Flow: Feel the Music!] HP recovery by 50.
※ Lv 10: Before 200 → 250 8 times max


■ Crimson Lily
- Blood Harvest
· Increased skill's Increase Damage effect from 20% to 30%.


■ Windwalker
- Cyclonic Fury
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 220.0% x6 → 286.0% x6
· Lv 10: 286.0% x6 → 371.8% x6


- Wind Slicer
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 336% x3 → 436.8% x3
· Lv 10: 440% x3 → 577.2% x3


■ Gladiator
- Scars of Dusk
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 630% x3 → 819% x3
· Lv 10: 819% x3 → 1064.7% x3


■ Invoker
- Increased the frequency of [Gigavolt] skill's use during auto-hunt.


- Static Shield
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.

· PvE
· Lv 1: 393.12% x5 → 511.05% x5
· Lv 10: 511.05% x5 → 664.37% x5


- Fissure
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.

· PvE
· Lv 1: 297% x4 → 386.1% x4
· Lv 10: 396.79% x4 → 515.82% x4


- Overcharge
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 822.96% x2 → 905.25% x2
· Lv 10: 950.4% x2 → 1045.44% x2


■ Lahn
· Increased the direction change speed for [Dance of Death].
· Increased the attack speed for [Pendulum Pirouette].


- Pendulum Pirouette
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 437.14% x2 → 568.29% x2
· Lv 10: 568.29% x2 → 738.78% x2


■ Hashashin
- Geo-Pulse
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 798% x2 → 1037.4% x2
· Lv 10: 1037.4% x2 → 1348.61% x2


- Solar Strike
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 420% x4 → 546% x4
· Lv 10: 546% x4 → 709.8% x4


- Sand Saber
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.

· PvE
· Lv 1: 315% x2 → 409.5% x2
· Lv 10: 409.5% x2 → 532.35% x2


- Death Sentence
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 304.5% x5 → 395.85% x5
· Lv 10: 395.85% x5 → 514.6% x5


■ Fletcher
- Keep Away
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 780% → 936%
· Lv 10: 1014% → 1216.8%


- Bullseye
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 780% x2 → 1014% x2
· Lv 10: 1014% x2 → 1318.2% x2


- Volley of Reckoning
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 385% x4 → 500.5% x4
· Lv 10: 500.5% x4 → 650.6% x4


- Jackpot
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 950% x2 → 1425% x2
· Lv 10: 1235% x2 → 1852.5% x2


- Sylvia's Vengeance
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 515% x4 → 721% x3
· Lv 10: 669.5% x4 → 937.3% x3


■ Lancer
- Prioritized the use of [Divine Guard] during auto-battle if the distance with enemy is close, so as to make the battle safer.
- Increased the frequency of [Holy Thrust] and [Divine Judgment] skill use during auto-battle.
- Improved to prioritize use of combos during auto-battle.


■ Archmage
- Increased the frequency of [Meteor Shower] use during auto-hunt.


- Meteor Shower
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 428.34% x4 → 556.84% x4
· Lv 10: 556.84% x4 → 723.89% x4


- Fireball
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 540% x2 → 810% x2
· Lv 10: 702% x2 → 1053% x2

- Frost Pillars
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 685% x2 → 822% x2
· Lv 10: 890.5% x2 → 1068.6% x2


- Tornado
· Increased the skill's PvE damage.


· PvE
· Lv 1: 292% x4 → 350.4% x4
· Lv 10: 379.6% x4 → 455.52% x4


■ Class
- Paladin
· Added the icon for the passive skill: Smite.


■ Tower of Trials
- Changed the design of notifications that show the progress in Tower of Trials.


■ Chat
- Increased the number of people you can block in chat from 50 to 100.
· You can now check the number of blocked people from the displayed pop up.
· The block list does not carry over between different devices.


■ Amity Dialog
- Changed the Amity Dialog so to make the parts where stamina is used is clearer.


■ Elion's Realm

In Black Desert Mobile, we have Chaos Zone and a normal zone, with each zone divided into Elion and Hadum’s Realms. However, upon launch we only had Elion’s Realm.

At the time, if the character level surpassed the monster by a large margin, you could not gain EXP and loot. But this feature does not apply to Chaos’s Elion’s Realm.

On the other hand, if you had a much lower level than the monsters, you could gain EXP and loot at a much higher rate.

We have also worked on hunting grounds, where the monster’s level is always higher than the character’s highest level.

We’ve updated the new regions and monsters to maintain a high scaling. We want you to have the excitement of the challenge of facing stronger monsters and enjoy the new and better hunting grounds.

Our content is mainly updated based on Hadum and Chaos, and we hope that new and returning Adventurers can quickly reach these zones and realms. That is why in our updates we’ve aimed at helping you bridge the gap in the early stages and gave out items needed for your growth.

As a result, the way our new Adventurers play in the normal zones to grow has changed a lot. And level differences with the monsters, and how it affects EXP and loot gain, does not affect them that much in the long run.

We have decided to remove this system from the normal Elion’s Realm and focus more on helping you grow.

We are working hard to maintain a fun game that can be enjoyed by all Adventurers rather than a difficult and complicated one.

- Removed the system that based the EXP and loot on character and monster level differences in Elion's Realm.
※ Affected Regions: Balenos - North Valencia


■ Ranch
- Improved Ranch so that you can place different types of livestock at the same time.


■ Permissions
- You can now change the Permissions from Settings > Account > Permissions.


■ Repeatable Quests
- Added repeatable quests to some parts of South Valencia:
· Crescent Labyrinth
· Crimson Crescent Altar
· Cantusa Wasteland
· Cantusa Outlaw Zone
※ These quests are only available in Elion's Realm, same as other repeatable quests of Chaos Zone.


■ Shakatu's Shop
- Improved Shakatu's Shop to display how many more inventory slots you need when you don't have enough space.


■ Pearl Shop
- Improved the Accessories in the shop so that when a free accessory is available it displays the exclamation mark.


■ World Boss
- Improved the mode so that when resurrecting after death, auto-battle is enabled.


■ Enhancement Rate
- Force Enhancement, Enhance Alchemy Stone, and Enhance Lightstone sucess rates are now displayed.


■ Open Requirements
- Improved the design of the window that pops up when tapping specific content in the Open Requirements, so as to make it easier to view.


■ EXP Scroll
- Fixed an issue where, in certain situations, the number of EXP Scroll used did not refresh right after.


■ World Boss
- Fixed an issue where, after dying in a World Boss stage, tapping return would not work properly.
- Fixed an issue where Kutum did not spawn between 21 - 22.


■ Node War
- Fixed an issue where the Node War timer button did not display the time left before the Node War.


■ Monster Grab Skill
- Fixed an issue when dying after grabbing monster would lead to an unnatural body movement animation.


■ Major Class Balance Update Gift
- A [Class Change Pack] will be sent to all Adventurers.
ㆍYou can collect the gift until the maintenance on October 5 from your mail.
ㆍAny unclaimed [Class Change Pack] will be deleted during the maintenance on October 5.


■ Starting Event
- Mystic Level Up Event
・Event Period: After maintenance on September 14 (Tue) - until September 27 (Mon), 23:59
- Mystic Premium Login Event
・Event Period: After maintenance on September 14 (Tue) - until October 11 (Mon), 23:59
・Premium Login Pass Purchase Period: After maintenance on September 14 (Tue) - until September 28 (Tue), 23:59
- Mystic Special Shop
・ Event Period: After maintenance on September 14 (Tue) - until September 27 (Mon), 23:59
- Merchantry Level Up Mission
・Event Period: After maintenance on September 14 (Tue) - further notice


■ Ending Event
- Great Ocean Mission Objectives
- Join the Battlefield of the Sun
- 2021 BRC Art Puzzle Event
- 2021 BRC Spectator Event
- Great Ocean vs Great Desert: What Would You Choose?
- 2021 BRC Spectator Participation Event
- 2021 BRC Season 2 Lagos' Souvenir Shop
- Khan Additional Spawn Event
※ Khan will spawn on Saturdays between 12:00 - 14:00 and 20:00 - 22:00 after the update.


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items

- Mystic Special Shop


- Special Pack
· Mystic All-Inclusive Chest
· Complete Chaos Pack
· Best Sellers Pack


- Lucky Shop Pack
· Chaos + Lucky Shop

- Level Up
· Level Up Mystic


- Appearance & Pets


▷ Mystic Armor Outfit
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit)
· Shudad
· Treant Camouflage
· Desert Camouflage
· Karlstein
· Banha
· Yeoubi
· Margorian Outlaw
· Margorian Outlaw: Tattoo
· Margorian Outlaw: Shorts
· Lupine
· Kibelius I
· Kibelius II


▷ Mystic Weapon Outfit
. Shudad Weapon
· Treant Camouflage Weapon
· Desert Camouflage Weapon
· Karlstein Weapon
· Banha Weapon
· Kibelius Weapon