[August 2021] Known Issues (Updated)


Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: Aug 31 (GMT-8)


Common Issues

■ UI

- An issue where there is an incorrect button name on the item description of Badge of Glory (Updated on Aug 25).

- An issue where the icon displayed before the Node War does not display the remaining time (Updated on Aug 20).
- An issue where a pop-up notification appears in Korean when pressing 'Cancel' button while enhancing a locked equipment in [Enchant Gear] window. (Updated on Aug 18)
· This issue is for all languages

■ Class
- An issue where skill button UI of 'Phantom Crash' and 'Dark Shift' does not change its color for additional usage (Updated on Aug 11)

■ System

- An issue where Combat Plus exempts the CP requirement for Ohm Temple (I,II, and III) from Great Desert. (Updated on May 24)

- An issue where characters are occasionally stuck and unable to move on the stairs in [Path of Glory]. (Updated on May 6)
· Re-arranging the class using [Change Formation] button will fix this issue.
- An issue where damage for pvp contents such as [Ramoness], [Battle of the Sun], [Ranked Arena] are miscalculated.
※ We are currently investigating this issue and will follow-up on the cause and details for this issue.

- An issue where 'Item Link' is shown abnormally in chat window (Updated on Aug 18)


■ Phantasma
- An issue where Skill Upgrade UI of [Scattering Darkness] displays abnormal numbers. (Updated on Aug 12)


■ Outfit

- An issue where wrist/ankle of certain female classes are shown abnormally when wearing Margorain Outlaw Outfit (Updated on Aug 18).


■ Rift Stone
- An issue where success rate of rift stone enhancement is incorrectly displayed after pressing [Enhance] button when the success rate is between 0.01~0.09%

[Week of Aug 1]
- An issue where Horse Skill icons are empty when [Lupa] gets on a Horse after getting off from Heilang

[Week of Aug 2]
- An issue where linked item sent to the game chat is not working correctly
- An issue where a suggested name [Terracotta H] cannot be registered as a horse name

[Week of Aug 3]
- An issue where a specific action for Phantasma disables horse taming and displays a message 'You can throw the rope only when standing still
- An issue where Shai outfits [Coco], [Marigold Sunset] and [Twinkle Twinkle] occasionally display ears outside of the hood cap depending on character customization.
- An issue where skill button UI of 'Phantom Crash' and 'Dark Shift' does not change its color for additional usage
- An issue where Archer/Fletcher's neck is shown abnormally when wearing Margorain Outlaw Outfit
- An issue where other adventurer's Phantasma is holding weapons abnormally in villages

[Week of Aug 4]
- An issue where purchase of an accessory from the first row does not open the second column