For Siani!
EVENTS 2021.07.27

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Greetings, Adventurer!


Is this your first time seeing a Papu, pa?
I'm a Papu and my name is Siani, pu!
I came across the sea to find my friend!


Can you help me find my friend, pa?
If you help me, something special might happen, pu!



📢 Event Period
After maintenance on July 27th (Tue) - until maintenance on August 10th (Tue)


📢 Event Details
1) The story will start by an introducing to Siani from Hans, the militiaman in Velia.
2) Use the friend finding clues provided by Siani to help find her friend.
3) Complete all the stories and get additional rewards on the event page.


📢 Event Tab Open Requirement
- Complete family quest, "Opening of the Desert" and defeat Cadry Gatekeeper as part of the main quest in North Valencia.


※ Please Note
- Even after the event period ends, you can continue the "For Siani!" Story, but you will no longer be able to obtain rewards on the event page.
- Some quests require opening letters which can only be done after certain dates.
- After 'Friend's Fourth Letter' the story continues in the Great Desert.
- Upon completing the quest, you will earn the title 'A Strong Friendship' and the knowledge 'Siani's Journey'. This knowledge will increase your AP and DP by 5.
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.


Thank you.