[July 2021] Known Issues (Updated)


Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: July 27 (GMT-8)


Common Issues

■ Path of Glory

- An issue where Air Raid cannot be used in Path of Glory after the game (app) is interrupted by external reasons or other app notifications appear on the game (app).


■ Siege War
- An issue where the result window for Siege War displays incorrect information that occurs when concluding upon time-out. 
(Updated on June 21)


■ Beauty Album

- An issue where preset customization added to [Beauty Album] cannot be used. (Updated on June 2)
. This issue is caused due to Adventurers who registered preset in [Beauty Album] but have not completed [Family] related quests and currently uses a temporary Family name longer than 8 characters.


■ System

- An issue where a suggested name [Terracotta H] cannot be registered as a horse name.
※ This issue can be resolved by changing the horse name or by removing the space between the name and is expected to be solved after maintenance expected on August 17. (Updated on July 20)

- An issue where the Black Sun rewards cannot be claimed after maintenance on June 8. (Updated on June 8)

- An issue where Combat Plus exempts the CP requirement for Ohm Temple (I,II, and III) from Great Desert. (Updated on May 24)

- An issue where Target Lock is automatically activated when Evasion is all used up in Quick Slot > Combat Mode.  (Updated on May 20)
· This issue occurs as the monster located behind the Evasion button is touched.

- An issue where characters are occasionally stuck and unable to move on the stairs in [Path of Glory]. (Updated on May 6)
· Re-arranging the class using [Change Formation] button will fix this issue.
- An issue where damage for pvp contents such as [Ramoness], [Battle of the Sun], [Ranked Arena] are miscalculated.
※ We are currently investigating this issue and will follow-up on the cause and details for this issue.

- An issue where moving to camp in [Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base: Nightmare] unintentionally functions. (Updated on May 24)
- An issue where character gets stuck in certain spot of the Hadum Nightmare: Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base. (Updated on June 24)


■ UI

- An issue where linked item sent to the game chat is not working correctly. (Updated on July 21)
ㆍYou can touch the space on the left to see the item information where the linked item name is shown

- An issue where Pirate Eyepatch for Sura class cannot be dyed. (Updated on July 7)

- An issue where Pirate Eyepatch is occasionally displayed incorrectly for Corsair and Nova class. (Updated on July 7)

- An issue where Corsair does not transform into mermaid while using her skills in Siege War and Battlefield of the Sun. (Updated on June 29)

ㆍDisregarding the visual side, the actual skills work properly.

- An issue where dyed outfit of Corsair temporarily turns into original outfit while transforming. (Updated on June 29)

- An issue where Corsair's appearance is occasionally displayed incorrectly on Customize menu. (Updated on June 29)

- An issue where certain spots of Corsair's outfit are whitened in character creation window. (Updated on June 29)

[Week of July 1]
- An issue where certain skills do not work in normal fields after changing skill preset in Ramoness Arena or Battlefield of the Sun.
- An issue where Corsair's 'Riding Waves' cooldown decreases upon certain action inputs. 

[Week of July 2]
- An issue where monsters defeated while completeting main quest in Crescent Saunil is not working in Hadum. (Updated on July 6)ㆍThis issue can be resolved by defeating monsters in Elion (or Elion's Realm)

[Week of July 3]
- An issue where [Dairy Cow Milk] and [Golden Cheese] for Collection [Goyen's Brothers] are currently not obtainable. 
- An issue where Suggested CP for Great Desert monster information is partially cut out in certain languages.
- An issue where transformation for Corsair class occasionally results in game app shutdowns after completion of Arena content (Arena, Ramoness, and Battlefield of the Sun).※ We advise Corsair Adventurers to participate in Ramoness Arena from town or secure locations without being in transformation status. In addition, please make sure to not be under transformation status when the match begins.