[12/31] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2019.12.31

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Greetings, Adventurers!


These are the patch notes for the 12/31 update. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, and overall improvements to the game like bug fixes. See the patch notes for more details about this update, and get ready to embark on even more exciting adventures. Let’s begin!


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


- From the main menu, tap [Pet Album] to enter the [Pet Album] to register Pets.
- Adventurers will receive stat bonuses based on the number of pets they register in the [Pet Album].
- Registering 5 pets of each tier will reward Adventurers with additional rewards.
※ Registering Pets will not remove Pets.
※ [Pet Album] will include all currently owned and previously owned Pets for registering.
※ All pets owned before the maintenance on December 31 will be automatically registered to the [Pet Album].


Snow Wolfdog

Lost Penguin

The pre-season of Node War will begin after the maintenance on December 31. Guilds will be able to participate in Node Wars on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Nodes of different Tiers will open on these days, and a maximum of 3 Nodes (1 per Tier) will open each day. 10 Nodes will open each day.


Node War Event


Event Period:

12/31 Maintenance - 1/7, 23:59 (On all servers)


■ Participation Reward

Requirement Reward
Participate in at least 1 Node War during the event Good Black Stone Sack x1


■ Victory Rewards

Requirement Reward
Acquire a Tier 1 Node Good Black Stone Sack x1
Acquire a Tier 2 Node Good Black Stone Sack x2
Acquire a Tier 3 Node Good Black Stone Sack x3

※ To receive the event rewards, all requirements must be met during the event period. All rewards will be sent during the maintenance on 1/8.



- When [Send Praise] is tapped in [Rank], it will now automatically move to the next page of Rankings.

- Fixed an issue with the Shakatu Exchange window not closing properly when the Adventurer exited [Shakatu’s Gear Shop].



- Fixed an issue where [Send Praise] is available, but the effects were not showing up properly.

- Fixed an issue where tapping the back button when fusing Outfits would stop the visual effects of [Fuse Outfits].

- Fixed a visual issue with [Get Stronger] - Gear tab. Now, the Gear and Accessory Resonance in effect will be shown correctly.

- Fixed a text issue in [Boss Rush] where the "Exchange" window was mislabeled as "Group Pass Exchange".

- Fixed an issue where text was not showing occasionally after successfully buying material items at the Market.

- Fixed an issue with Guild Names occasionally being displayed skewed to one side.

- Fixed a visual issue with the results in the Ramoness Arena where the results were not showing the correct results.

- Fixed an issue where the ‘Show Horse Gear’ button was still available even if no horses were owned.

- Fixed visual issues caused by UI scaling.


- Added 6 new Achievements that can be completed by acquiring Unique Gear (excluding Accessories).

※ Completing one of the 6 new Achievements will unlock the Title [Purple Aroma].

- The seasonal holiday theme and music have been removed.


■ New Event

- New Year’s Resolution Event

- 2020 Attendance Event

■ New Items

- All-in-one PET

- Two new Pets


■ The following items are no longer available for purchase.

- Year’s End Chest

- Year’s End Swift Upgrade Chest

- Year’s End Upgrade Chest


■ The following items will no longer be sold after the 1/8 maintenance.

- Enhancement Support Chest

- Combat Support Package

- Conqueror of Bosses Package

- Upper Steps of Fortune