How to Use [Heidel Goods Coupon Code]

Greetings Adventurers,

This is Black Desert Mobile Service Team.

<Heidel Ball 2021> which was held on June 6, 2021 ended successfully, thanks to our Adventurers.


We sincerely thank you for sharing interest, for the game, and supporting us at the Heidel Ball.

In return, we would like to guide how to use Heidel Goods Coupon which was provided as an event reward.


■ Coupon Period

2021 June 24 (Thu) 00:00 (GMT+8) ~ 2021 July 31, (Sat) 23:59 (GMT+8)

※Heidel Ball Goods will be shipped sequentially from July 12


■ List of Heidel Goods

Heidel Ball Celebratory Black Spirit Goods

(Black Spirit Headset x1, Deck of Black Desert Mobile Cards x1)


Pearl Abyss Store URL 


■ How to use the Heidel Coupon 

① Sign-up or log-in to the Pearl Abyss store 

- Heidel Goods Event will progress on Pearl Abyss store. 

- Registered users on previous Pearl Abyss store must re-register on the renewed store. 

- Please check the notice page of the renewed Pearl Abyss store if you want detailed information about the service. 


② Click on the “Heidel Goods Event” Banner on the main page. 


③ Enter the coupon code that you received through <2021 Heidel Ball> under ‘Heidel Event Coupon’. 

- Heidel coupon code includes 10 digits. Please make sure to enter the correct code or you will not be able to set the shipping address.  


④ Correct shipping information (address, postal code, recipient info, phone number, Tax ID [Tax Identification Number]) must be entered for shipment.  

- Some countries or regions may not require TAX ID (Tax Identification Number). 

- Incorrect Tax ID (Tax Identification Number) can make the package to be held at the customs.  


⑤ Heidel Goods will be shipped sequentially. We happily announce that shipping fees and tax utility bill will be paid by Pearl Abyss 

- Please keep in mind that delivery services can contact adventurers who need to provide relevant documents for customs reasons.  



- The details of event goods, such as color and etc, will be selected randomly.    

- Recipient may have to pay customs tax fees. Not paying the customs tax fees may result in package return.  

- To send event goods, Pearl Abyss require recipients’ shipping information. Recipient must agree to provide their shipping information to Pearl Abyss in order to receive the package. 

- Heidel Goods are provided only to coupon holders for free. 

- List of prizewinners can be found in forum of the Black Desert Mobile’s official website. 

- There will be no shipping fee but complete delivery may take up to 1 month.  

- Pearl Abyss is not responsible for incorrect informations provided by the recipients or delviery services’ errors.  

- Event coupon can be used only once per Pearl Abyss store account. Reselling the products is highly prohibited.  

- Event products may be replaced by other items that are equal in value due to the company’s situations. 
- The detail and period of the event is subject to change, and may be revised and canceled due to the company’s circumstances. The changes will be announced on the event page but to be informed through additional notices. 
- Please contact Pearl Abyss Store customer support ( or Pearl Abyss Store Q&A board for inquiries regarding order and shipment. 

- Please contact Black Desert Mobile Support Center for inquiries regarding how to receive event coupon. 


Thank you.