Into 2021 Heidel Ball’s Scenery with Various Gifts! (Updated)


Greetings, Adventurers.  

This is CM Roccio.


<2021 Black Desert Mobile PC X Mobile X CONSOLE Heidel Ball> which was held on June 19th 2021 successfully ended with our Adventurers’ passion and event participation.


We thank all our Adventurers who participated in Heidel Ball with passionate love. As we are also aware of Adventurers that could not attend Heidel Ball, we are sharing the gifts and scenes from for anyone that may have missed out. 



📣 This is the list of gifts that were provided during the <Black Desert Mobile PC X Mobile X CONSOLE Heidel Ball>! 

(Time zone: America, Europe, Asia in order)

<2021 Heidel Ball> Welcoming Gift 

Hot Time 300% (3 Hours) x1 

Sent on June 18 (Fri), 23:50 / June 19 (Sat), 13:10 / June 19 (Sat), 20:10

* Can be received until June 20 (Sun) 23:50 (Server Time)

<2021 Heidel Ball> PD’s Gift  

Restoration Scroll x50,000 

Sent on June 19 (Sat), 03:55 / 12:55 / 19:55

*Can be received until July 5 (Mon) 23:59 (Server Time)


*The Class Change items named with "Limited Time" will be deleted during maintenance expected on July 13 (Tue) on July 27 (Tue) (Updated on July 6)


* Unused Lucky Shop Tickets will be changed to the chests containing random rewards in accordance with the current Hadum Lucky Shop drop rates after maintenance expected on July 6.  (Updated on June 21)

Level Exchange Coupon (Limited Time) x1 

Skill Extraction Coupon (Limited Time) x12 

Class Main Weapon Transformation Coupon (Limited Time) x1

Class Sub-Weapon Transformation Coupon (Limited Time) x1

Mystical Outfit Exchange Coupon (Limited Time) x 2 

10-Time Hadum Lucky Shop Ticket x5 

<2021 Heidel Ball> Quiz Participation Gift  

Valks’ Pack x20 


Sent on June 19 (Sat), 04:10-04:20 / 13:10-13:20 / 20:10-20:20


*Can be received until July 5 (Mon) 23:59 

*Only for the Families that were created before the rewards sent

Hot Time 200% (3 Hours) x5 

Totem Chest x500 

Black Pearl x300 

Life Plus (7 Days) x1 

Camp Manager Contract: Irene (7 Days) x1 

Black Spirit Plus (7 Days) x1 

[Abyssal] Crystal Chest x5 

Combat Plus (7 Days) x1 

Path of Glory Season 4 Extra Entry Pass x5 

<2021 Heidel Ball> Producer's Surprise Gift 
Chaos Crystal x 2,000

Sent on June 19 (Sat), 04:25 / 13:25 / 20:25

*Can be received until July 5 (Mon) 23:59 

*Only for the Families that were created before the rewards sent

Black Pearl x 2,000

<2021 Heidel Ball> Coupon Gift 

Cron Stone x1,000 

Artisan’s Skein x100 



*Can be redeemed until July 31 (Sat) 23:59 (Server Time) 


📣 Sharing scenes of <Black Desert Mobile PC X Mobile X CONSOLE Heidel Ball>!  

▲ The staff are preparing rehearsal before the Heidel Ball begins


▲ Welcome, Adventurers from all over the world, to the online audience.~♡


▲ Executive Producer of Black Desert Mobile, Yong-Min Jo, is giving a presentation to Adventurers worldwide. 


▲ Lead Executive of Black Desert Mobile, Chang-Wook Kim and Head of Game Design Division of Black Desert Mobile, Ryan Kang, are announcing the direction and plan of our service!


▲ Did you join the live quiz show? The questions were very interesting.


▲ Unveiling the new class "Corsair," a romantic pirate with cool action. 


▲ Keyword talk consisting of opinions from Adventurers around the world! Adventurers, which keyword did you like the most?


▲ Sad to say goodbye :(


Although we couldn’t meet our Adventurers in person due to the prolonged COVID-19, it was a very meaningful time to be with our Adventurers who love Black Desert Mobile remotely. 


Adventurers can also review our <Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball> again from the following link. [Watch again]


In return for the warm support and love our Adventurers have shared, Black Desert Mobile will do our best to become an unforgettable MMORPG without losing our initial commitment.  


Thank you.