[May 25] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.05.25

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on May 25 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Sura

- You can now play Black Desert Mobile as Sura.
- Sura is an Awakened character upon creation.


■ Family Dispatch: Hadum

Developer’s comment:


As new regions continue to be added to the game, collecting Hadum Knowledge might have become a more difficult task, especially when the areas you have yet to gain knowledge from are not the best areas for hunting.

To counter this, we have added the Scout Hadum function, first mentioned during the Calphe:ON Ball. Scout Hadum allows you to dispatch a family character in your stead and gain knowledge in areas where you have yet to reach 100%.We hope that with the constant CP increases, you will find this a helpful new feature!

- Added a Family Dispatch: Scout Hadum feature that allows you to dispatch characters in your family to Hadum's Realm in certain regions to accumulate Hadum Knowledge EXP.
※ You must complete the family quest 'Necessary Supplies' to access Scout Hadum.

- You can start the dispatch by selecting a character to dispatch and the region in Hadum that you want to scout.
- You will need a certain quantity of [Holy Vial of Light] to begin Scout Hadum, and the required amount differs by region.
- You cannot dispatch characters whose CP is below the recommended CP for each region. You may inspect up to one region at a time.

- You can obtain Hadum Knowledge EXP in the area being scouted once it completes.
- Once completed, Knowledge EXP will accrue, but not after max level is reached (100%).
- You cannot inspect regions where your Knowledge EXP is 100%.
- Family Dispatch is available from Balenos to the West Valencia region.
- You cannot send Family Dispatch to the front-line zone.

- Improved Scout Hadum so that you may check the character currently being used for Scout Hadum when the character you are playing with enters the region being scouted. (Added on May 26)


■ Node War & Siege War

- Added Battle-Hardened Ogre to Node War & Siege War.
· Battle-Hardened Ogre will appear in place of the Central Buff Tower in Node War, and of the border battle buff tower in Siege War.

- The guild to deliver the defeating blow to the Battle-Hardened Ogre will get a powerful buff and have the Battle-Hardened Ogre fight on their side in Siege War. (Added on May 26)
- The buff will continue when your character dies. The Battle-Hardened Ogre will disappear when defeated by the enemy guild. (Added on May 26)
- When Battle-Hardened Ogre is defeated by the opposing guild, the powerful buff and Battle-Hardened Ogre will pass onto them. (Added on May 26)


- Battle-Hardened Ogre has different features for Node Wars and Siege Wars

  Characteristic Respawn Time Buff Duration
Node War Neutral 10~15 min 5 min (maintained after death)
Siege War Belongs to a guild in border battles N/A Until defeat by opposing guild


- Buff 1: Ogre's Roar
- 1st Buff: AP +600 / DP +300
- 2nd Buff: AP +700 / DP +350
- 3rd Buff: AP +800 / DP +400
- 4th Buff: AP +900 / DP +450
- 5th Buff: AP +1000 / DP +500


- Buff 2: Destroyer Instinct
- 1st Buff: Structure Damage +5%
- 2nd Buff: Structure Damage +10%
- 3rd Buff: Structure Damage +30%
- 4th Buff: Structure Damage +50%
- 5th Buff: Structure Damage +100%


- The buff you get from defeating Battle-Hardened Ogre will get stronger after each additional defeat of the Ogre.

※ Both of the buffs apply only to direct attacks by the player.
※ The additional damage granted by Destroyer Instinct only applies to Holy Artifacts, Guard Towers, and Barricades that can be leveled up.
※ Node War Mounts and Fire Shot Supply Units are not affected by the buff.


- Additional Changes
※ Tripled the Node War and Siege War taxes and bonuses.
※ Changed the damage for siege weapons (elephants, ogres, cannons, hwachas, fire shots) from fixed damage to damage proportional to HP.
※ Reduced the cooldown time for cannon attacks from 10 to 3 seconds.


■ Special Boss Rush

- Changed the max multiplier for exchanges and entries from 30 to 50.



■ Invoker
- Evasion is now available while using Overcharge.


■ Merchantry

- Rapport Shop: added Black Pearl items.
- Wandering Shop: added Brown Cat (Tier 3-5) & Sky Hawk


■ Content Unlocking Requirements

- The following content is now subject to content opening requirements. The requirements for opening some content have changed.
(The opening requirements for Hadum, Great Desert, Battlefield of the Sun, and Constellations remain the same. We have added them to the content map for convenience)
- Changed the UI design of the Content Open Requirement window.


▷ Relic: Neutral Border Zone, Defeat [Boss: Kelcas]
- Changed the requirement for opening the relic slots and equipping relics to Defeat Kelcas.
- The Pearl Shop > Relic tab will now appear after defeating Kelcas.


▷ Alchemy Stone: South Mediah, Defeat [Boss: Executioner]
- Changed the requirement for opening the alchemy stone slots and equipping alchemy stones to Defeat Executioner.


▷ Tower of Trials: South Mediah, Defeat [Boss: Illezra's Servant]

- Adventurers who have a level 45 character in their family, but have not defeated Illezra's Servant before today’s patch, will be able to access the Tower of Trial as before. We have created a special condition in our database and, meaning that some adventurers might have it appear as if you have defeated Illezra's Servant, receive the title, and access the Boss Rush.


▷ Camp Objects & Totem: South Mediah, Defeat [Boss: Ferrid]
- Camp Objects refers to Monument of Vitality, Artisan's Monument, and Monument of Battle.
- Changed the condition for opening Totem slot and equipping totems.


▷ Hadum, Tower of Trials: Hadum, and Scout Hadum: Finish Family Quest [Necessary Supplies]
- The conditions for opening Hadum's Realm related content remain the same as before.


▷ Path of Glory & Emblems: North Mediah, Defeat [Boss: Mogulis]
- Adventurers who had access to Path of Glory before today’s patch will be able to access the content as before. We have created a special condition in our database and as a result, for some adventurers it might appear as if you have defeated Mogulis, giving you the title and access to that Boss Rush.

- Changed the condition for opening Emblem slot and equipping Emblem.


▷ Great Desert & Orzeca's Garden: Finish Family Quest [The Opening of the Desert]
- Changed the condition for building Orzeca's Garden.


▷ Battlefield of the Sun: Finish Story [Crimson Winds of the Desert]


▷ Constellation: Finish Story [Faded Constellation]
- Added equipment requirement to certain item descriptions with regards to the condition changes.


▷ Modified instructions for getting Relic, Alchemy Stone, Totem, and Emblem to be displayed only after the conditions are met.

- The slots for equipping Relics, Alchemy Stones, Totem, and Emblems will not be visible until the content conditions are met. Please note that Adventurers who have equipped any of the above items before maintenance have been given an exemption in our database to be able to continue using that specific add-on after the maintenance. As a result, some Adventurers will appear as if they have defeated Kelcas, Executioner, Ferrid, or Mogulis and even hold the related titles.


■ Totem
- Modified Totem related content so that they will no longer be obtainable from Battle Spoils under Lv 59, due to changes in content requirements.
- Modified Elion's Battle Spoils to include Totem Chests instead of Totems.
- Added instructions about conditions for using Totems to Crystalized Totem and Totem Chest descriptions.


■ Hadum
- The area CP difficulty and actual monsters CP in the following areas has decreased by about 1200:
· Hadum: Heidel
· Hadum: Heidel Pass Gateway
· Hadum: Northern Quarry
· Hadum: Alejandro Farm
· Hadum: Moretti Farm
· Hadum: Lynch Farm Ruins
· Hadum: Northern Serendian Plains
· Hadum: Altar of Mages
· Hadum: Castle Ruins Entrance
· Hadum: Outer Castle Ruins
· Hadum: Inner Castle Ruins


■ Alarm
- Removed the following alarms from the options:
· Arena Weekly Victory Reward
· Ramoness Participation


■ Ancient Ruins
- Modifications have been made to Ancient Ruins content to match the requirements for Relics and Alchemy. As a result, certain levels of the Ancient Ruins are only available upon main quest progression. Rewards have been modified as well.


▷ Entry Requirement
- Ancient Guardian's Chamber 4 and above: Neutral Border Zone, defeat [Boss: Kelcas].
- Ancient Guardian's Chamber 7 and above: South Mediah, defeat [Boss: Executioner].


▷ Ancient Ruins & Spectral Boss
- Modified the description for missions to reflect that defeating a Spectral Boss also counts as meeting requirements to clear Ancient Ruins.


▷ Modified Rewards (General)
- Ancient Guardian's Chamber 4 and above: Relic Fragment, Relic Chest, etc. can be obtained.
- Ancient Guardian's Chamber 4 and above: Alchemy Stone Fragment, Caphras Dust, Alchemy Stone Chest, etc. can be obtained.
- Improvements were to made to allow some items included in chests, such as Ruins Alchemy Stone Fragment Reward III, Ruins Relic Reward III, etc., to be obtained directly.
- Increased the number of Ancient Gold Coins obtainable from Ancient Guardian's Chamber 1-9.
- Reduced the amount of obtainable Memory Fragments from Ancient Guardian Chambers and increased the Ancient Guardian's Core Chest (chambers 1-12) and [Mystical] Black Tear Accessory Chest (chamber 13).


■ Black Rock Shrine
- Improved the instructions to clearly state that the Shrine will be available for 30 minutes max even when the offering time is extended from the Best Reward being received.


■ Guild Mileage
- Improved Guild Mileage quest rewards.
※ The quests accepted before the update will not be deleted and can be completed.


■ Blood Kin
- Deleted the Node Manager related quests from the Blood Kin quests.
- Improved the accuracy of Blood Kin's login information.
- You can accept quests when reaffirming pact.


■ Tasks
- Improved the icons next to Mini-map to display weekly tasks when daily tasks are all done.


■ Selection Chest UI Improvement
- Improved the UI for opening selection chests to reduce mistakes. The base input has been set to 0 and the plus and minus buttons have been replaced with Min and Max buttons.


■ Great Desert
- Improved the hidden quests requiring spending [Purified Water] for a certain duration to require using a specific number of [Purified Water].


■ Dark Knight
- Fixed an issue where the wrong number of hits for Black Spirit rage was displayed.
· 6 hits → 5 hits


■ Tukar Laytenn's Spoils
- Fixed an issue where at times interacting with the spoils did not trigger the entrance UI.


■ Temple of Shayla
- Fixed an issue where effects such as Invincibility were not displayed.


■ Enhancement
- Improved the Enhancement and Awakened Enhancement to display the Chance of Success.


■ Improve CP UI
- Fixed a UI issue occurring when moving from CP improvement suggestions to the Shakatu's shop.


■ Life Skills
- Fixed an issue where Foraging and Mining only yielded Breath of Creation. They will now yield both Breath of Creation and Breath of Life.


■ Equip Crystals UI
- Added an alert pop-up window when trying to remove a Crystal which cannot be removed, and will be deleted instead.


■ Black Rock Shrine
- Fixed an error that displayed the Destroyer Reward even if the shrine was destroyed during the extended time.
- Fixed an issue where it appeared as if the shrine rewards were filled for a short moment after the extended time was over.
- Fixed an issue where the name of the Adventurer who received the Best Reward did not display after the timer was over.


■ Black Spirit CP
- Fixed an issue where, in the CP breakdown, the family's Lightstone CP was not included in the Black Spirit's CP stat.


■ Path of Glory
- Fixed an issue in Path of Glory where, in rifts lower than 14 and after moving the background, some skills could not be used.


■ Event Open Requirements
- With the changes to content open requirements, some event pages will also be subject to similar requirements.
・The open requirements will vary between different events which can be checked in the event notice.


■ New Events
- Sura Premium Login Event
・Event period: after maintenance on May 25 (Tuesday) - until June 21 (Monday), 23:59
・Premium pass sale period: after maintenance on May 25 (Tuesday) - until June 8 (Tuesday), 23:59
- Sura Level Up Event
・Event period: after maintenance on May 25 (Tuesday) - until June 7 (Monday), 23:59
- Daily Missions for New & Returning Adventurers
・Event period: after maintenance on May 25 (Tuesday) - until further notice
- Orwen's Missions for New & Returning Adventurers
・Event period: after maintenance on May 25 (Tuesday) - until further notice


■ Events Ending
- Elgriffin's Special Training
- Kunoichi Premium Login Event
- Constellation Mission List


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New
- Sura Level Up


- Special Package
· Sura All-Inclusive Chest
· Sura's Treasure Chest


- Sura Launch Shop
· Sura Starter Pack
· [Abyssal] Crystal Chest x10 (Black Pearl)


■ New Armor & Weapon Outfit
- Shudad (Sura)
- Karlstein (Sura)
- Treant Camouflage (Sura)
- Desert Camouflage (Sura)
- Narusawa (Sura)


■ New Products
Magical Residue x200,000
Magical Essence x100,000
Cron Stone x1,000
[Abyssal] Crystal Chest x20
Totem Chest x600
Alchemy Stone Fragment x240,000
Lightstone Fragment x70,000
Relic Fragment x400,000
Caphras Dust x20,000
Grand Black Stone Sack x1,200
Refined Black Crystal Selection Chest x500
Advice of Valks 50% x50
Advice of Valks 10% x100
Restoration Scroll x5,000
Artisan's Memory x200
Shakatu Exchange Certificate x10,000
Boss Stamp x10,000
Ancient Tablet x15,000
Golden Vault Entry Pass x40
[Unique] Weapon Outfit x8
[Unique] Armor Outfit x4
Artisan's Skein x24
Adventure Token x3,000


■ Updated Products
- Increased the weekly purchase limit for Black Pearl items from 1 to 3 per family.
· Applies to: Gear Shop, Add-ons Shop, Enhancement Shop, Challenge Shop, and Outfit Shop


■ Sales Ending
- World Boss Fragments Chest x30 (Pearl)
- World Boss Fragments Chest x30 (Black Pearl)
- World Boss Pass Chest x3 (Pearl)
- World Boss Pass Chest x3 (Black Pearl)