[12/24] Hammer of Fortune Event
EVENTS 2019.12.24


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Greetings, Adventurers!


It's time to get lucky with the Black Spirit.
Try your luck with Hammer of Fortune!

See below for more details.


■ Event Period

After the 12/24 Maintenance - Until the 12/31 maintenance (1 Week)


■ Event Details

▶Block Board

- Use a Hammer of Fortune (or 30 x [Black Pearl]) to remove item blocks.

- The last blocks of each row holds the best rewards.

- The block board can be refreshed up to three times a day by tapping on "Refresh Blocks".

- Press the 'Hit Block' button and the Black Spirit will choose one of the four rows randomly and push a block to the right.

- Refreshing the Block Board will randomly suffle the rewards and the location.

-You can check the rewards below.


Best Reward List
Tier 3 Snowkid x 1
[Epic - Mythical] Crystal Chest x 5
Grand Black Stone Fortune Sack (Weapon x 5, Armor x10)
Lightstone Fragments x 1,500
Ancient Gold Coin x 1,000
Ancient Tablet x 400
Boss Stamp x 200
Tier 1 Pet Chest
[Advanced Black Crystal: Weapon] x 2
[Advanced Black Crystal: Armor] x 2
[Rare] Condensed Dark Energy x 20
[Unique] Condensed Dark Energy x 10
Good Weapon Black Stone x 10
Good Weapon Black Stone x 20
Good Armor Black Stone x 10
Good Armor Black Stone x 20


▶Hammer of Fortune

- Every day, Adventurers can receive 3 x Hammer of Fortune by tapping the [Get Hammer] button.

- Each Hammer of Fortune will move one block to the right.


▶Removing Blocks

- Moving a block once costs 1 x Hammer of Fortune or 30 x [Black Pearl].

- When the final block of a row is completely removed from the block board, the block board will reset itself.
You may pay 400 x [Black Pearl] to keep the block board you have.



※ Please Note

- Hammer of Fortune will be removed when the event ends.

- Some event items may be [Spiritbound], and all items cannot be moved or restored.

- The last block holding the best rewards can only be claimed once each block board.

- This event follows our [Event Policy] and [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policy].


Thank you.