[Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball] Notice (Updated)

Greetings, Adventurers!


We are sure you look back on the <2020 Calphe:ON Ball> as fondly as we do, as it was an opportunity to meet the adventurers who both love our game and give us great insight into how we could bring you a better Black Desert Mobile.


This year, we are also bringing you an event packed with content update sneak peeks, keyword conversations answering all of the valuable questions you have sent our way, and our thoughts on where Black Desert Mobile is headed in the future.


Although we would like to meet each and every one of you in person, we realize that with such a global audience, this would be difficult. As such, this year's ball will be hosted online. We hope to convey the gratitude and delight we feel at the support you have showed Black Desert all the same.


We bring you the <Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball> notice, praying meanwhile for a swift return to normal!




We invite every adventurer around the world journeying through the world of Black Desert.


The upside to an online ball is that we can extend invitations to every Black Desert adventurer around the world!

Our <Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball> will be a time for us to get together with adventurers on every platform where Black Desert is available.


Regale us with your glorious tales of adventure in Black Desert.


How did you find Black Desert Mobile in the first half of 2021? We expect that some days were filled with glory, and other days may have left you wishing for more.
Send us reviews of your adventures in Black Desert Mobile, or your opinions of how the game could be improved, by clicking on the <Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball> link below.

We welcome any and all opinions on Black Desert Mobile content, events, and operations, as well as any input you might have on how Black Desert Mobile may improve in the future.

You can also send your messages via audio or video. We will be giving out the following merchandise to 30 adventurers out of those who sent opinions to be shared at <Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball>, so please look forward to it!


📣 Q&A Topics Any Black Desert Mobile-related input
📣 Q&A Formats Video, audio, photo, text, etc.
📣 Q&A Registration Period May 21, 2021 - May 30, 2021 (until 23:59)
📣 Register for Q&A  [Tell us what you think!] 

* Your valuable feedback/questions may be presented at the <2021 Heidel Ball>.

*Merchandise Gift: Heidel Goods (Black Desert Headset x1, Deck of Black Desert Mobile Cards x1) (Updated on May 21, 2:18 GMT-8)


Please note that your video does not have to be a solo act.

Your fellow adventurers or friends can join you!

We encourage unbridled creativity in the Black Desert Mobile world.


We hope that Heidel Ball provides an opportunity for all of you to share your opinions and for us to utilize them in bringing you a better gameplay experience. We will take them into account in our journey to make Black Desert Mobile an even better gameplay experience for our adventurers. We look forward to the amazing conversations to be had at Heidel Ball!


📌<Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball> Requirements
- You can only register for <Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball> once per family. In the case of multiple requests per family, only the most recent entry will be considered.
- You can send up to one message via the <Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball> link per account.
- Submissions containing profanity or abuse, or content irrelevant to Black Desert Mobile may be excluded from consideration.
- Your audio files, videos, and other submissions may be used at the <Black Desert PC x Mobile x Console Heidel Ball>.
- If your audio file, video, or any other form of submission is used at the ball, you will be provided with a code you may use to obtain merchandise at the Pearl Abyss Store.
- The merchandise provided may differ from what is shown in the image above. 


📌 Please Take Note
-The event content and period may be subject to change or cancellation. Changes will be added to the event page, and there will be no additional notices.
-Participating in the event in an unauthorized manner may result in disqualification, as well as confiscation of any items or restriction in gameplay.
-Please refrain from changing your family name while we announce event winners and distribute prizes.
*You may not be able to receive your gift if you change your family name.
-We will be announcing event winners through our official website.
-Restriction of your account due to violation of operational policies may result in nullifying any event win and the confiscation of any prizes distributed.
-We reserve the copyright to any derivative works such as screenshots or videos that you submit to participate in the event. Your submissions may be used for marketing purposes in any region at any time.
-Event prizes may be subject to change to other items of equal value without prior notice.
-Refer to the [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policies] for matters not addressed in this notice. 

Thank you.